Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Sometimes you have to read between the lines in order to recognize an emerging opportunity with enough clarity to make a calculated speculation. It is contained in the press release issued this morning by NanoViricides. More comment after the short text of the release (emphasis added):
NanoViricides, Inc. President Invited to Speak About Rapid Drug Development

Dr. Diwan to speak about rapid drug development enabled by nanoviricides™ technology at the NanoBusiness2009 Conference

On Tuesday September 8, 2009, 7:00 am EDT

WEST HAVEN, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NanoViricides, Inc. (OTC BB: NNVC.OB) (the "Company"), announced today that Anil Diwan, PhD, President of the Company has been asked to present a talk at NanoBusiness2009 - the 8th annual NanoBusiness Conference.

Dr. Diwan will speak about the nanoviricides™ drug pipeline, including Influenza (FluCide™), HIV (HIVCide™), antiviral eye-drops (EKCCide™) and the newly initiated Herpes “cold sores” and genital herpes preclinical stage program. He will speak about how the nanoviricides technology platform has enabled rapid drug development against a number of diseases caused by many different viruses. Dr. Diwan will speak in the session entitled “New Pharmaceutical Compounds Based on Soft Nanotechnology: Novel Classes of Therapeutics” on Wednesday, September 9.

The Conference is being held at the McCormick Place, Chicago, IL.

About NanoBusiness2009

This is the 8th annual conference on the business of nanotechnology organized by the NanoBusiness Alliance. The NanoBusiness Alliance mission is to create a collective voice for the advancing nanotechnology industry and develop a range of initiatives to support the nanotechnology business community.

First of all, let's take a look at a short biography of Dr. Diwan (emphasis added):

Anil R. Diwan, PhD
Chairman and President

Inventor of TheraCour technology that enables NanoViricides drugs.

Dr. Diwan has extensive product development experience while raising financing from collaborations, SBIR grants, other revenues. He has extensive experience in a number of bio-pharmaceutical, biosciences, and biomedical fields and technologies that leads to his novel, integrative approach in solving problems with low costs, high innovation, and world-leading feature sets. Dr. Diwan is the inventor, developer, and principal investor of TheraCour technologies. The nanomaterials based on these technologies form the basis of nanoviricides drugs.

Anil holds a US patent on his older polymeric micelle technologies, with his colleagues at University of Massachusetts. He has continued to work further in the field, to develop nanomaterials that are capable of multi-specific multi-targeting of viruses, and at the same time capable of encapsulating active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in industry-leading payload capacities. This new work has resulted in nanomaterials called "TheraCour" (therapeutic courier), and the underlying technology is subject of a new patent application. Multi-targeting allows binding to the virus particle like a Velcro tape, and Multi-specificity allows highly selective binding to a specific type of virus. The encapsulated API can get injected into the virus particle.

Cutting to the chase, Dr. Diwan is the inventor of the nanomaterial that destroys viruses and we are the shareholders of the company that has exclusive rights to develop and market the technology. Dr. Diwan is talking in Chicago on Wednesday to update NNVC's pipeline.....and rapid drug development platform.

We know that there are multiple ongoing testing protocols across a wide selection of targeted viruses and being performed by private labs, big pharma, educational institutions, the CDC and the NIH. What we don't know yet is how well those tests are going and what if any findings are imminent.

What are the chances that Dr Diwan's scheduled appearance has some very good news attached to it?

This may end up being a non-event with no significant news coming out of it. Or it might be the polar opposite, with ground-breaking news making headlines across the medical universe. My best guess? Something in-between these last two outcomes. Just where it lands on the continuum between the two, that is what speculation is all about.



DrFeelgood said...

My guess is he will expand on the HVC Herpes-Cide results, a test that was not announced as scheduled. We were waiting for EKC/Eye Herpes results and instead we got a blockbuster from no where. I would think that such a rapid development of HVC-1 and HVC-2 antivirals from the base micelle would fit neatly into Diwan's presentation of a " rapid drug development platform."

thomas said...

A,....thanks for the updates on this.
I have two questions at the moment.if you have a minute.
10 If this news confrence about NNVC might portend good news....would you 'advise' investors to buy more NNVC now, before the event, or wait until after
( I have 17,000 shares at .81) but would buy more if .90 is a bargain now. it would be better of course to get more at 75 or 70, but .90 would be better than 1.90
your thoughts?

the second question is about the 'basket' of bio-tech stocks youve got here.... since I'm new to your web site, I'm only familiar with NNVC ,mostly.
If I scroll back to previous posts,will I find all the info about the basket? and are the other stocks as important as NNVC ? do you recommend buying all the stocks in the basket?
thanks for your help. Thomas

donpatent said...

My thinking is that ALL the grunt work has been done on the basic platform, primarily involvng flu, HIV and EKC. The RAPID bit is in that relatively little development is needed to adapt the base to ANY new viral candidate.

And lately the link between many viruses and cancer has been in the news - great news for the primo virus fighter! Eliminate the viral cause - avoid the associated cancer.

Allan said...

T: NNVC stands in a class by itself, it is on the precipice of medical history. As far as the other Flu Basket stocks go, just do an AllAllan Blog Search for "Flu Basket" and you will get all of the pertinent blogs.

Anonymous said...

Allan, did your system give a cover short signal? SP closed at 1025 today. it looks like already break the FIB level?? please advise.


Anonymous said...


You're the best I LOVE THIS BLOG!

JK in DC

Bernhard said...

hmm any feed back from the conference?

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan
Why is 2014 so significant for this stock?