Thursday, May 13, 2010

Would you buy this stock?

VXX Daily Trend Model 2.0 with EW

VXX Daily Trend Model 4.0 w/EW

Would you buy this stock?  

If yes, consider the implications.  As VXX rises, the general market falls.  Both of these charts are suggesting that VXX is in the early stages of a new uptrend. Conversely, the same analysis suggests that the stock market is in the early stages of a downtrend.  

In the first chart, using my default trend settings, there is not much room for the VXX to fall without exiting the uptrend, meaning, the market should start back down from around these levels, or, the fledgling market downtrend is in danger of reversing. 

A fascinating, pivotal time in the markets.

Would you by this stock?


Mike_T said...

Nope. Way to volatile for me, and doesn't track the VIX too well either.

Anonymous said...

Market feels today
like a few days of correcting in order.

stocks very mixed today.

Maybe the strong stocks will be separating from the weaker ones.... with the strong holding up at support and the weak failing down.

the last few days of strong rally needs a few days of pullback to support levels.
The strong stocks might be good to consider as adding long positions.... but as always,timing is hard to predict.waves havent played out yet
except for the last few days rush longside is wanting the pull back now.

Feels like a day or two of patient waiting is in order.

Anonymous said...

.....well,NNVC just woke up out of bed... oversleeping 40 minutes

Anonymous said...

For what itz worth

heres what I'm waiting for these days

PBR to dip a little back to the 37 area to buy more.

XOM same thing to the 62-63 area to buy more

TOT falling further below 50 might be a bargain to pick up.

STO below 21

I'm thinking it may be the time to buy a little oil stocks like these.

Precious metal miners too
on next round of pullbacks.

I'm looking at

BTIM on pullback to 7

this is not advice - just what I'm thinking and looking at.

Mike_T said...

What's going on with CMSI? It's going gangbusters. I can't imagine just for a dividend notice...

Anonymous said...

Last trade using (2,10) settings on VXX yielded 20% return.

4/28/10 Bought at 20.07
5/12/10 Sold at 24.15

Very, Very Nice!!! Thanks. Allan

Anonymous said...

Now is down Big again(as expected)

But MMRF is Again UP another 15 %

as the market plunges.