Wednesday, May 05, 2010

VXX - Buy signal update

Below a follow-up of the April 28 VXX Buy signal:

VXX Daily Trend Model

Maybe more significant is the Weekly Trend Model, which has been on a Sell signal since May 4, 2009.  Here is the weekly chart:

VXX Weekly Trend Model

All of my stock index models that recently went Short in their Daily Models are now knocking on the Exit door of their respective Weekly Models.  Should those models flip to Short (with VXX flipping Long on its Weekly Model), I will be all-in on the short side.


Anonymous said...

is it a buying opportunity here for isco or else? now trading in $1.85

A said...


If you are a subscriber, you should be aware that ISCO flipped SHORT on March 31st at $2.21. Currently ISCO is at $1.75 and would need to rise above $2.20 to flip back LONG.

It's previous LONG trade was a BUY at $1.70 on Feb 23rd, closed out with the above-referenced SELL at $2.21 on March 31st.