Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NNVC chart update

I hesitate to go here since my best advice has been  to buy this stock and put it away for safekeeping.  Nonetheless, I post the charts when NNVC rises, so let's be fair and post charts when it declines.

Note how price continually bounced at Weekly trend line support

Best guess: Wave 4 retracement before Wave 5 advance

Best for last: Monthly chart targeting 5.50 - 8.00


Anonymous said...

Thanks Allan,

any updated chart for MMRF. Been very volatile past days.

Thanks, Mike

Anonymous said...

BUGS for oil spill in gulf ... only not sure how they are still in business but the stock moved up on news of spill.

NNVC will do better when pestilence develops as a result of coastlines caked in asphalt. Mosquitos will rule the earth.

Anonymous said...


VVUS breaking out today on good volume. Did not you mention this one a few weeks back?

A said...


Wrote it up on May 6, 2010 @ $12:


A said...


I update the trend line and reversal level after the close each day, for subscribers. If I also updated them here, that just wouldn't be fair to those who are paying for that information.

That said. if MMRF closes today at where it is currently trading, it will trigger an EXIT or SHORT signal for its daily trend.

Anonymous said...

i can't afford to buy dvax right now
look at and thank me later

A said...


On a BUY signal from 1.55, current price 1.93. Reversal EXIT (or SHORT) is at 1.72.

tapped out said...

While your answering requests and posting up charts, how-bout one for CUR. Could be very helpful to me SIR! TIA

A said...


BUY Feb 10 @ 2.14
Current = 3.10
Reversal = 2.68

BigKahuna said...

Leaving a comment about NNVC on a comment link for the recent NNVC update may be off-topic, but I just posted one of my admittedly unsophisticated TA annotations, and it confirms what you show and say today. Certainly, the SP will *POP* once again for another 20% to 40% gain over the previous high. The "wash and repeat" pattern is repeating.


Great stuff as always Allan. You should drop by iHUB sometime.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Feelgood.

may I ask a simpleton question-- what is 'SP' ??


BigKahuna said...

Simpleton answer:

SP = share price

A said...

Dr. FG,

I buy a beer here called, "Longboard." Is it really made in Hawaii?

As for coming over to the iHub board, it's a jungle over there, a lot of passion on both sides of this stock, which would be OK, so long as the naysayers could stick to accuracy in their content.

Still, you are doing a good job if keeping the facts straight over there and I do keep tabs on the board, especially with my Longboard in hand.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your balanced views on NNVC. Am adding here myself. Reminded of your 'strong hands' comment when it first dipped below 2.

Anonymous said...

How many down days in a row for the stock till we reach "exit" levels?

Anonymous said...

This stock didn't work for me anymore. I traded it.

Anonymous said...

I believe NNVC will succeed long term-next 3-4 years. However, the stock is quite volatile and is worthy of swing trading at least beyond a core position.Thus, I got out at $2.30.

I am looking to get back in at the $1.70-1.50 support levels.

t said...

I've come to the investing mindset that one has to believe in the value of something.

Something in life that will retain its value and meaning. this is about all of life and also about investing.
People believe in the stable value of gold and silver . I do too.

People believe that love is precious. health is precious. humor is precious.

Looking at this corrupt world of investing in stock market,trading, its hard to find something stable enough to believe in its stable value.

You can invest in stable stocks like PG,XOM, which is probably like putting your money in a money market account and watching it grow 1 % a year.

or you can believe in the scientific medical research of biotech companies that are on the cutting edge of disease cures.

When you know the full details of the scientific breakthroughs,and they are moving forward ,quicker now,toward cures,investing in the story may be more important than watching the chart for TA.

In this regard,I'm not so worried about what the chart looks like for CUR,NNVC,ISCO, and others like these.... because as long as the breakthrough science is happening ,I call it a positive investment worth holding,not selling.

Anonymous said...


Very altruistic but the market isn't.

You should be adding to your
positions at the support levels ($1.70-$1.50). I hope you win in the long run if you survive the short run.

Also, following Allan's recommendation of putting in place market hedges (ie. TZA,TYP,VXX) should help offset the losses on your other holdings( NNVC etc)

Anonymous said...

You are right. The market is no place for altruism.

Neither is it a place to go to catch falling knives. If "somebody knows something", I'm guessing the upcoming news is less than promising. Insiders tend to dump penny stock shares before the real crash sets in.

I've learned that the hard way.

NNVC down six days in a row - I'd wait till it had at least one up day before tossing good money after bad.

Anonymous said...

Good strategy on waiting for a bounce.

I just play the technicals in stocks that I want to be in. I have missed a few entries on NNVC and have given up some gains but I can't be a Buy and Hold investor. I have learned that the hard way.

I picked up some NNVC this AM-just edging in. The Fibonnaci retracement is 100% at $1.70-should act as some support. If not we're going to $1.50-next support.


t said...

I didnt mean to imply that TA and counting elliott waves,looking for good entry on dips at the fibs etc isnt good strategy.
I agree with all that.and I trade and invest that way as well.
I was just talking about finding value investments. and hanging onto a stock if the value is there.

Market psychology among the sheeple investors is more prone to panic selling now that ever before,still suffering the PTSD of the 2008 crash,panic selling is hair trigger. but I've been burned just as much by selling at support when I should have held on,only to watch my stocks soar right after I bailed out.

Its always an element of guess work involved.

Today ,I bought 2 gold miners and one oiler,at todays bottom, 'in the face of fear ' because I saw them as way oversold. far below their value.

I'm not idealistic about stocks ,or markets. I am totally cynical about the stock market,its a totally rigged game as far as I'm concerned.

But breakthrough technology in medical science toward disease cure is going to be a winning sector no matter what happens with the market rigged game,the collapsing Euro, geopolitical economic war,or whatever contrivances governments create with each other.

Oil investments are like precious metal investments, a store of value against the ongoing monetary crisis.

These sectors will recover faster,I believe.

The only thing I didnt do last week or the week before was to play the inverse Etf's.

I was too gun shy. that was a mistake.
I'll learn better next time.

For what its worth,believing that the market is totally rigged by government, I invest accordingly. I anticipate the PPT stick saves. they usually do come right on time. I expect the next one soon,maybe by end of next week.and a reversal back uptrend.

When gold hits new high,I expect the government to bash it back down. Soon,maybe next week, I expect the public investor to jump in and buy it back up.just waiting for the bottom to hold.

Anonymous said...

Allan/ are you sticking to your guns with the 5 dollar price target or has the chart broken down

Anonymous said...

Wow, glad I didn't hold onto this falling knife.

When am I going to be a millionaire? 2014?