Sunday, May 09, 2010

All of my days


JD said...

Allan - it is an exceptional and uncommon pleasure to know you. Thanks for bringing us into your life.

t said...

oh very nice. very nice touch.

Anonymous said...

very nice..and thanks for sharing

your blog is my daily stop multiple times a day.

i asked a question long back..once again is your trading strategy similar to jimberg ATR model. I am tired with all the craps i see in different site. now i think trend following is the safe way to do it.


Anonymous said...

read your blog every day
i like it, greetings from austria

Anonymous said...


I knew there was a reason i felt connected to you. I have two beautiful daughters and two beautiful bichons too.

You are the man!

Karma rules!

Mike Cronan

Unknown said...

I like the opening photo...recognized the background, (Niagara Falls), when it was your homepage....about 2, (going on 3), years ago.

Have been an avid reader ever since.

Thanks Allan.


Anonymous said...

Allan, that was pretty awesome. Thank you for sharing.

-David in LA

pimaCanyon said...

Very nice! Thanks for putting this together and sharing it here.

joseph said...

How could you post pictures of some of my past girlfriends without asking if my feelings would be hurt.
Since I am in the NNVC fan club, curious about the mysterious fraternity you are connected to, and also have a daughter, I want to thank you for fleshing your life out, you, puck smashing, stock picking . Allanphile.
Hawaiian Hillbilly Jose