Monday, May 10, 2010


NNVC Daily

AEZS Daily

MMRF Daily

Listed above in order of my personal preference, although the case can be made for each one of these to be atop the list.  One is a speculative penny stock with outstanding potential, one is a late stage, almost mature, pharmaceutical trading like a penny stock and one is a paradigm changing combination of the other two.  

Also noteworthy, 3 is a Fibonacci number.


"Triad" is a song written by David Crosby in 1967 about a ménage à trois, a subject perfectly in keeping with the "free love" hippie philosophies of the day.  The song's lyrics were largely inspired by the hedonism and sexual freedom that Crosby enjoyed at his home in Beverly Glen in Los Angeles during 1967.  However, the song also features allusions to author Robert A. Heinlein's science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land, with references to "sister lovers" and "water brothers."


Anonymous said...

Just want to make one observation,and would value your thoughts.

Look at the Volume of these 3 stocks today.
nnvc and mmrf are trading at around200 thousand shares.

aezs has traded 11 million !!!

all can be called 'penny stocks' ok, but whats up with this kind of volume. Its certainly not an undiscovered stock,thats for sure.

So what does that mean. ?

Imagine the day when NNVC is trading 10 million a day. I doubt the price will be 2.00 like AEZS.

Anyway,I dont know what to make of this fact.

Your thoughts ?

pimaCanyon said...

Jefferson Airplane's version of Triad (I don't believe I've heard Crosby's original rendition) was a great song. But was a long time ago, another time, another life, another lifetime...

Anonymous said...

Alan, what's your take on mmrf and it's level of security? I really like the concept and business plan, but the only question mark I have is security. They want to keep people's most well kept secrets in their files and the risk of intrusion by some miscontent employee is a bit scary. I am no expert on security and would welcome your thoughts or those of others on this subject.

A said...

re: security

Like our records are safe now? Have you taken a look at the administrative staff at your doctor's office recently?

A said...

re: volume

High volume and rising price, sounds like a plan.

Anonymous said...

no,come on A, dont be lazy.
why is this stock trading in the millions of shares?
thats Not like the others.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly the type of answer I was hoping for Alan regards mmrf. The fact is the company also advertises their site as a safe deposit box for keeping financial records which can include most anything I would assume. So my question again would be, does anyone have a sense for how safe this kind of a site can be for storage of "sensitive" documents, not only medical but more importantly financial. I realize doctors offices can be sloppy, thats not the question...the real doubt in my mind, unless someone can alleviate that fear, is can a site such as this guarantee its storage of your and my records is safe from hacking or inside snooping? Or, is it even possible to make such a guarantee...of course the consequences of losing your records could be disastrous.