Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New Biotech pick?

Monthly multi-year chart

This stock was passed along to me earlier today from a source that has provided some big biotechnology winners in the past.  It is on a fresh Weekly Trend Buy Signal as well as breaking out from a multi-year saucer pattern shown the chart above.  The missing ingredient is fundamental backdrop to provide propulsion back to the old highs shown on the chart. 

I sent out the Weekly chart and name of the company to the subscription email list earlier today, with the caveat that I haven't finished researching the company, so it was not an official recommendation, not yet, just a heads-up in case it starts running.



Anonymous said...

a source that has provided some big biotechnology winners in the past.
like what?

Anonymous said...

like NNVC ....

Anonymous said...

am American on vacation in Praha, Ceska reading Allan. It is insightful to look at the architecture here and also the business practices. Everything good is an influence of the pre-communists, and everything bad, ugly and shoddy is of the communists. There are still some businesses here which are very dysfunctional because the communist mindset is entrenched. Whereas others are nice and prosperous because they have rooted out the communist infection.

It is so sad to look back across the Atlantic and see the Manchurianmoslem president try to destroy American greatness. The people with brains in Europe cannot believe how stupid Americans are to be allowing this happen to such a great nation, USA.

Accomulate physical gold and silver during this phase of US$ strength. And be prepared.

Anonymous said...

BUGS ... might be a stock to look at re Gulf Mexico oil spill.