Thursday, May 13, 2010

MMRF follow-up

This was posted last night at the MMRF iHub board.  Intriguing spin on this company and suggesting some inherent value heretofore overlooked:

MMRF why it could be trading for dollars seriously. Now Biotech is not my here's a biotech for dummies like me version

MMRF merged into FVRL, got these worthless drugs left in FVRL.
Remember FVRL used to be a big NASDAQ stock, raised 100's of millions for their promising cancer drugs. They failed a late phase 3 trial. The problem is their cancer drug wasn't being absorbed into the cancer to do it's curative thing.

The FVRL drug failed because the cancer cells wouldn't absorb FVRL's medicine. They cure the cancer but the drug bounces off the cancer before it gets absorbed and kills the cancer.

Some guy recently comes up with a binding agent let's call it cancer drug super glue. This super glue now allows FVRL's medicine to actually stick to the cancer cells. Not just stick, but actually become absorbed. Remember if their drug gets absorbed into the cells it can kill the cancer. Now the medicine doesn't just bounce off the cancer it gets soaked in and starts curing the cancer. Who the F knew that would happen. Someone invented a drug crazy glue that works on the drugs MMRF got from FVRL they thought were worthless. Now they might be worth billions.

Read this carefully

It is less effective in other subtypes of CD20-positive lymphoma and for retreatment, even with CD20 still expressed. Thus, binding of rituximab to CD20 is not sufficient to kill many lymphoma cells, indicating that there are mechanisms of resistance.

rituximab doesn't stick to many cancers, FVRL's drug could stick now with the new crazy glue someone invented. So now all that $140 million dollars worth of FVRL test data they thought was junk because their drug woudln't stick to the Cancer cells has to be looked at again in light of now it could stick because of the new crazy glue someone invented. That's why this stock could go to many, many dollars by taking over a big chunk of rituximabs $5.6 billion in sales and is why the China drug guys want in.

I beleive they will license the various biotech assets to larger Pharma/biotech companies. These larger companies would pay MMRF licensing fee's, milestone payments and a percentage of future sales while covering all expenses along the way. Don't for one second expect MMRF to self fund these drug trials.

We got the first sign of one of these licensing deals with this news. Expecting to see several more deals like this one going forward.

MMR: MMR Info Systems And Sanofi-Aventis Enter Into Agreement Regarding Anti-CD20 Monoclonal


Anonymous said...

now I'll buy a little.

Anonymous said...

Somebody's sniffing super glue.

Background said...


Is GNVC still on your radar?


A said...

I still cover GNVC in my Trend Tables, but it is in SHORT mode in both the Daily and Weekly models.

Anonymous said...

Ah,GNVC...if it looks like a dead duck,and walks like a

whats funny is its still going down every day.

Glad I keep it in my portfolio just as a reminder of what FDA failure means for these biotech stocks.

due diligence and constant vigilence

Anonymous said...

WILD up and down action at the last minute of the day for NNVC.

6 cents up ,down ,and back up .

the immediate buy back is encouraging,I suppose....

Anonymous said...

Lets see....MMRF I first posted that I bought a little.

then mister brilliant said "somebody was sniffing glue" then MMRF closed the day UP 15 %

I'll go have a beer now....

thanks Allan for a timely report on a promising biotech.however speculative.

whats even more ....encouraging is that this 15 % gain today, came on a pretty big down day in the market.

Maybe I'll have two beers.

SteveKore said...


Added to my position at around .70 to lower my cost basis. Ahhh, good money after bad...

t said...

Friday open

FWIW9thats not a stock ticker its for wh itz werth

UPWRF,the oil exploration company holding land rights offshore Namibia(worth billions)

look at the chart

it held this morning at the 2.00 support and just broke above

Its worth looking at .

Anonymous said...

High debt, tiny revenues, no cash, millions in losses far as the eye can see. Oh, and the float is large and growing, while insiders hold a minimal position.

What exactly does this stock have going for it besides a story?

A said...

This is not one of those Yahoo type message boards where folks argue back and forth incessantly about the worth of any particular stock. I've set out the case for MMRF, especially with this particular post, so the information is there if you will read and consider it. Sometimes, it takes is a story, especially at the beginning where as you point out, there is not much else going for it. Probably why you can buy the stock for pennies......for now.

Anonymous said...

At least my post was on topic. Some of invest on fundamentals, not anonymous message board posts referencing the invention of "some guy"... woo hoo, Allan, how much more solid can you get than that?

Half the posts on this topic are about GNVC! If we can't disagree with anything you say, please let us know.

t said...

Have a good weekend ,Allan.

I think MMRF was up 22% over these last two days.

that feels ok to me.

thanks for the timely presentation. I caught the dip and went long.