Thursday, May 06, 2010

DJIA short-term

DJIA 15 minute Trend Model


t said...

Looking at NNVC this week.
extreme volatility up and down.

2 things stand out in the chart.

selling is happening on Lower volume. Buying volume is Higher.

and the chart has a strong base at the 2.00 zone.

The battle between the downtrending market with its panic selling emotion and the NNVC 2.00 support zone holding the stock (if it shows the strength)

would be a good show for NNVC at this time.

to come out from this correction period still holding in the 2.00 zone would be telling for the next big move higher.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that!

The IHub message board is blasting this stock today! Some are frantic over the negative!