Friday, November 13, 2009

TZA update

The 60 minute fell through Short trigger level of 12.70 and looks to be staying under, so confirmation seems likely.

I am mobile today, with limited bandwidth (but on my Mac), so timeliness of updates may suffer.



Anonymous said...


Although you said :

"In the long run, no one time frame should net significantly more then another time frame."

I'm kinda loving how the 15min system works 'in the now' type reaction time.

Its enough to make a Buddhist monk smile :-)

If I don't stop listening to that meditation music, I may get stupid idea like giving away my

Thich Nhat Hanh

Anonymous said...

Robert Prechter Video Interview:


Libertarian Post said...

Hey Allan,

Interested in your opinion. I bought short ETFs in mid June BGZ, EDZ, FAZ, FXP, SDS, SRS, TZA and watched my small trading acct go up over 25%. It looked like the market was getting ready to fall off a cliff when the DOW was at 8200. Unfortunately, I held thinking the market was headed lower and seeing no "Green Shoots" and the economy in the tank w rising unemployment. What next? Cut losses and regroup? This acct is separate from larger long term holdings and gold.