Monday, November 09, 2009

Not short yet, but we're getting there

By now, those who have been trying to learn something here and in so doing, realize how pieces of the puzzle are put together, will appreciate the Fibonacci, False Bar Stochastic and Momentum Divergences that are appearing on these stock index charts.





Now, the one exception to the Fibonacci Retracement umbrella, the DJIA making a new high for the entire 2009 rally today. Is it a leader, for a lagging follower?


The 5 waves up, oscillator divergence and false bar stochastic all say, "lagging follower."



Anonymous said...

Allan, my feeling is that SPX will hit the 10/2007-5/2008 trendline this Friday or next Monday/Tuesday (11/16-17) before heading down. Rich

A said...

Rich, that is possible, maybe even likely. The charts are giving us a host of heads'-ups about what is coming, but as I said in the subject, it's not there yet.

I don't give a shit what the perma-bulls and idiots beyond belief think, the next major wealth building move will come with as few on board as possible and thankfully, none of them.

Anonymous said...

first they kill the bears, then they are going to kill the bulls ...

Anonymous said...


I'm using FRED charts and they've been telling me that this market is going to go up a bit more and then come down for a bit. Then it will probably go up a little more and then they'll be a sell-off.

Eventually, after the sell-off, the market will regain some momentum and move up to test new highs.

Then, there will be some profit taking and it will go down.

And, since I watch Fox News, I believe that every time the market goes down it's the fault of the Democrats but when it goes up it's a victory for free market capitalism.

So, what do I buy today?

Bill in Iowa

Anonymous said...


Stop watching that bias station.
All they do is bring the Democrats down. Even when Obama does something good!
Its people like you that make this Country hated.
Blame everything on Obama..not an once of blame for the 8 years that Bush was in power!
Maybe the President is making mistakes, but what the Republicans did is to blame too! To start a war and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people with your tax dollars is fair to you?
This is a global recession, not only an American one.

So, my good man, listen to CNN too..get a fair and balanced view.


ps. Don't ask Allan to be your babysitter, ask your Fox news..they know everything!

Anonymous said...


I promise you, my post was written with tongue firmly in cheek. I was making a humorous observation of the state of the market and I just threw in the whole Fox News bit to make sure no one would think I was serious.

In other words, I agree with you...

Bill in Iowa

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bill

I just have heard that same story so many times...
I did take it seriously..
You have no idea how many rednecks live in this part of the Country...
Fox news tells them to jump off a roof..they probably will..
Obama does a good deed, they will find anything, twisting and turning the truth, to turn it against Obama. My Country makes me ill at this time.

Sorry for being rude.
Sorry Allan, for responding in this way on your blog.


Anonymous said...


The train left the station
8 months now, without the perma-bears and prechter sheep.baa

Anonymous said...

Fox News...fair and more balanced than CNN by far...although certainly not so in their "opionion" shows. But this redneck knows the difference. Long live the red necks. I'll take a country lovin', God fearing redneck over a pinhead intellectual any day!Rednecks do the work the pinheads think about doing...and they do it giving their own $$$, not by perpetrating a legal tax shakedown/extortion.