Friday, November 20, 2009


Every so often I promote a comment to its own Blog, as is the case today.

Back from the Influenza conference (Dr. Seymour kindly arranged for me to attend the session). This was short (only 10 mins. per presenter) but great new results on the new FluCide (this will be PR'd on Monday). During the break, Dr. Seymour also took the time to put together a full set of slides that I will shortly share here. Below a couple of them that illustrates results from the original FluCide and the new version (11/18/2009).

To summarize, the control group has a survival rate of around 120hrs in both studies, the Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) 151 hrs in the first study and 192hrs in the latest (not sure where the difference comes from), and Flucide went from 191 hrs (already superior to Tamiflu) to a stunning 333hrs (over 55% improvement). What is not in the slides is that this was tested in over 2000 animals and no side effects where detected. Also, notice that the treatment consisted in 5 doses of FluCide vs 14 doses of Oseltamivir.

Interesting fact that I did not realize before is that the viricides are very stable at room temperature (third slide below). The story is that Dr. Diwan has been keeping viricides in his car glove compartment for a couple of years now 

Besides this, I also had very pleasant and educational conversation with Dr.Diwan who confirmed my confidence in the company.


here is the full set of slides provided by Dr. Seymour:

Note that he also hopes to some produce a youtube video presentation. A new NNVC web site is also expected to be unveiled shortly.



Anonymous said...

BULL ETFs went ex-dividend.
(may notice bullish etf down while bearish flat)

A said...

NNVC price today is acting like either no one cares about their release of FLUCIDE test results, or, no one knows about it, yet.

On the latter, that will be fixed by a Monday PR (hopefully). If that is indeed the reason, then a 10% or better gain is being handed out for the asking with share price at 90 cents or less, today.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Looks like NNVC will be announcing what we've been waiting for on Monday!!!! Thank you Allan!!!!

Anonymous said...

On 3/11/09, you could have bought HGSI for .45. Today it sits comfortably at $27 and change.

A 60 bagger...

When NNVC finally hits, it could be quite a ride...

Steve K in L.A.

TheHammersmith-Etsy said...

Could someone explain the survivability ratings in terms of hours. I don't understand how this ways of presenting results is relevant. For me, I'd like to know how many of the mice eventually died in % compared to other treatments, in other words...which treatment is effective on the long run...

Or is it the case that a lethal dose of influenza is given to a mouse. Then the medicine is delivered and tests as to how long the extension of life will be using only 2 doses spread across 2 days. Then I guess, 40 hour increase in life extension is nice, just to beable to find a better solution???

Maybe my mind is on the wrong track..any help?