Monday, November 02, 2009

RSP - Rydex S&P Equal Weighted Index



90 minute

An interesting idea from, Scott, one of my readers; an equal weighted S&P index. But as you can see, it adds little, other then a little more confusion. We need clean break-downs on everything as far as Weekly charts go to put a nail in the coffin of the 2009 rally. The hammer is raised, the nail is being held tight, but the final blow has yet to come down.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Another great post, thanks! I have been working with the ATR Trailing Stop method and have the following strategy to submit to you and the great readers of your Blog. The strategy builds on the idea of trading with the trend. For swing trading I have been taking ATR Trailing Stop signals on the daily chart when the weekly chart and it's ATR Trailing Stop confirms the direction. I am not a great system developer so I have not programmed this into my software for back testing. However, I have reviewed many charts and this seems to be a viable strategy for swing trading. I would be curious to hear from others on the validity of this strategy.