Tuesday, November 10, 2009



Anonymous said...

Any comments or suggestions on switching between long and short?

e.g. Market orders seem to have more slippage.

Bid/ask guy

Anonymous said...

To anonymous re leveraged bear funds:
Price decay with leveraged funds means holding the leveraged bears will not get you back to March prices, even if the underlying index gets back to that low.

To Allan:
Thanks for the charts on TZA. Is that the ATR line on the charts? If so, the 60 min hasn't flipped but what settings would I plug in to get updated ATR values for the 15 and 30?


A said...

Eric: The solid navy line is the ATR line and yes, it has flipped.

The settings are:

Look Back = 7
Multiplier = 1.5

Anonymous said...


Thanks for moving the market to make our 1st trade successful. Its a great confidence builder! lol

All joking aside, I find quicker time frames are more susceptible to 'CHOP' some days.

Since you said gains should all balance out in different time frames, would using 60 or 240 be prudent if this is a concern?

Thank you
Lucky Luc

A said...

Lucky: That's why I am putting up three time frames, maybe something will become obvious along the way.

Unknown said...

Alan I'm afraid you are a but off target on this one old chap. But happy for the unique perspective.

TZA is headed the way of the dinosaur,or, if you prefer, the way of NNVC.