Friday, November 13, 2009

Intermediate term triggers

A couple Intermediate term charts and Buy levels for TZA

240 minute



Holly20 said...

Looks like we'll close in this 1090 range. Hold shorts here over the weekend? or lighten up? ...that is the question. Am expecting more downside, but can be wrong anytime.

A said...

Different answer for different traders. For me, I've allocated a sum certain to trade the 60 minute trend as defined by the ATR system, that will decide my weekend plans.

Holly20 said...

Thanks Allan. Closed most.

Seattle's Daily Daydream said...

Im long for the short-term but obviously not following Gates/Buffets proclamations about this being the bottom and just the upside from here, however, stranger things have happened. Was reading about nano technologly before I go out with my friends that are in the drug industry, its just wikipedia but Ive got my 10K shares of NNVC and continue to trade the waves of other ETFs with Allan's assistance. Gracias!

Singlengle said...

Really like the nanotechnology and gas/oil. GGR will be a good test of the system, as it seems to have made a turn for the good. Bldg my own nano portfolio for the fun of it ;)

Unknown said...

Agreed. I know the market and the smart money is doing just just.

Follow the wealthy. We are that way for a reason.


Anonymous said...

WOW! look at the divergences here. A big move either way is coming ASAP for the SMkt:

Nasdaq Summation vs NasComposite

NYSE Summation vs SP500

Le chant perdu de Grégoire, 1 minute

Anonymous said...

Person above.

Thanks for sharing the interesting charts.

How were you able to link them like that?


Anonymous said...

silver vs Russell2000

notice the blue line kissing the red line.

Mistress Zhao, trader discipline

Anonymous said...


see the section Links in custom locations

before you actually post anything, preview it first; your link should show as an hyperlink, which you can right click to open in new window and see if it works.

Unknown said...

Hi Allan,

I see the charts were generated with Esignal. Most of the charting programs I have seen only support ATR as an indicator without overlay, and only allow you to adjust the period (one parameter). There is no option for a multiplier.

Another reader was kind enough to suggest Ninjatrader, but I am only looking for a charting application that allows me to see the same charts you post (with the ATR 7,1.5) -

I see that esignal has a "live charts" subscription option - do you know if that service would give the same charts? I can't get my current IQchart to generate the same overlay...

BTW this blog is inspiring

A said...


All I can tell you is that I am using eSignal to generate all of these charts. The formula for ATR is freely available on the net and it works fine as an overlay.

As I recall, eSignal has a free trial. Check it out.