Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Numbers & Colors


TZA System Stats


Anonymous said...

The beauty of compounding.

Approximating your ATR settings still elusive to me.

Tried your settings with several different ATR and can't seem to get it to be close enough.

Any other students having such trouble?

Alex Cos

Anonymous said...

Speaking of settings, the ATR formula I downloaded from TASC used 3.5/1.5 periodicity. You use 7/1.5 I think. How did You happen on that combination?

Anonymous said...

In The Arms Of The Angel

A said...

Re: The Arms of an Angel

To whoever posted this. I overslept today by 45 minutes. When I fianlly got to my computer, the market had been open 15 minutes. While waiting for my platforms and models to awaken and go into trading mode, I stopped to watch your video. Having saw City of Angels, I knew what I was about to do to myself. Yet, as you well know, I had no choice. I just wanted wanted to say, "Thank you." Art for the sake of art.

Anonymous said...

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