Monday, November 30, 2009

TZA Sell

Kicking out a bit early, but this Sell looks confirmed:

Lost of markets seem to be putting in major terminations, stocks up, gold up, dollar down.  If these trends reverse hard in the next few days and/or weeks, there will be plenty of money to be made.  Don't let the perma-anythings talk you out of getting what's yours.  These trend models will be our best friends forever when the trains leave the station.



Anonymous said...

thats a big if

i've been waiting for 2 months now

Anonymous said...

Several more months yet to go on the upside. Trying to pick tops is a fools game.

Anonymous said...

When the train leaves the station?
lol it left 8 months ago without you.

Unknown said...

Allan are you still backtesting the triangles method vs the ATR on the TZA?
Wondering how the results compare.


Anonymous said...

Allan,for the benefit of those who are new here,can you explain in more detail, or show us where in the blog we can find the info,more detail about this automatic system you employ.
What are the operating mechanics needed,platforms,indicator systems, etc.
You use blue wave technology? what else.
Is this a system that you just set to a time frame,turn it on and wait for the signals to pop ?
Do you make the final decisions whether to enter and exit? or does the system decide for you automatically ?
Thanks for your help

Anonymous said...

Why do you post these charts after hours since they are then not tradeable. Now had you posted the sell 13.07 signal before the close then it might have been more useful. Hindsight is great but not tradeable. Curious.

Anonymous said...

Why are we always waiting for what will inevitably come down? Why not enjoy the ride on the way up?


Anonymous said...


Check out the 'Blog Archive'.

It reads like a very cool trading book you'll never find on Amazon.

After awhile, you'll realize he trades like a MECHANICAL TREND FOLLOWER

Ultimately, that means guys like this make money no matter what the market does.(Regardless of his own opinion).

Don't get so wrapped up in the emotion of being right/wrong and pointing fingers.

Even if he doesn't hold our hand through the whole process, any crumbs he throws at us could potential be tools that can be added to our trading arsenals:-)


A said...

Re: Trading system

Not much thought went into this trading system. It is being posted as an example of how to trade, not as a paint-by-numbers real time system. Learn from the method. I arbitrarily picked TZA, arbitrarily picked 60 minutes. Key in on how objective, rule-based and disciplined the system is, not on acting per each published chart.

I know some, if not most of you get it. For those who don't, you will, keep tuning in. This was initiated November 10, less then a month ago. As of this morning, the return is 14%. That's about 25 blogs you have to read to get up to speed, or I can take an hour or two of my days and keep writing summaries for newbies. What would you do?

Finally, to those few creeps who harp on a failed (so far) forecast for a market collapse, my PUBLIC trading model is up 14% in the past three weeks, how is your trading going?


A said...


Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks.