Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trade set-ups for close

The 60-minute chart is still LONG (from 12.32) and will only flip SHORT on an hourly close below 12.44.

More significantly (in my view) is the 240 minute chart. A close above 12.60 and it flips LONG.



Anonymous said...


Where are you getting your 12.32 for the 60 min chart? The chart posted looks like a long was triggered around 12.05 for the atr flip.


A said...


That's what I paid, but I probably should better define entry and exit prices.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to load up the ATR on stockcharts but it is only an option as an indicator, where it only takes one parameter (eg 7). Is there some way to make it overlay on the chart to replicate A's charts?


Anonymous said...

I figured out the ATR trailing stop calculation. If you are using stockcharts, set the ATR period to 7 and then multiply that value by 1.5. Subtract that value from current price for the ATR line value/stop that is on Allan's chart.

Of course, if I could make it overlay it would make it way easier.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Eric and other Allan disciples ,

We can all get the most out of Allan by helping each other out on top of what he does :-)


Your working way to hard!

Consider a trading platform and get your self an ATR trailing stop indicator. Try and set it as close as possible to Allan's specs.

If your new to the game, I recommend Ninjatrader. What I like about it is you can start using it to trade for free. Many other platforms have initial and continuous costs. e.g. TRADESTATION

Fisher of men

Anonymous said...

May not mean much but latest signal is looking good in after-hours.

I look forward to getting a feel for the multiple time frames.

Food for thought:

I've yet to set this up for backtesting, but I've found that sometimes systems yield enhanced results with specific stop/loss.

Lucky L

Lasertrader said...

If you are currently long on the shorter timeframe (I think thats what you said). How do you handle this gap down?


Anonymous said...

I am guessing Allan would say stopped out at the open. Or flipped long as well.