Wednesday, November 04, 2009

RUT - Hourly update

The Advanced GET Mechanical Sell Signal on this hourly chart of the Russell 2000 Index is still valid, but must be confirmed by prices following through by dropping through the channel, and/or generating BWT or ATR Sell signals.


Anonymous said...

RUT describes what this blog is in. Does ANYTHING on here make money? Allan was short all the way through a 7 + month bull market.


A said...

Douglas, you are either an asshole, a liar or a mental midget, probably a little of all three. My forecast was wrong for several months, but as I have said on this blog, over and over again, we trade the trend, not the forecast.

If you are so insecure so as have to come online and cast aspersions about an Internet personality, go after liars and thieves like Cramer or bigots and pricks like Wolanchuk. Don't lie about my trading and then assert a judgment based upon your own lies and ignorance, you make yourself out to be a laughing stock at best and an ignorant bastard at worse.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...


Do you think it is appropriate to address your readers (customers) using such language?


T said...

...."you are either an asshole,a liar ,or a mental midget..."
I love that.
I must remember to use that one next chance I get. lol

mentul midget said...

Allan,please put together a plan to sell us your trading program...or a subscription service .... its time to get it going for us.
I dont want to be a day behind the good as your blog is, we need to learn how to catch fish rather than have you feed us one the day after.

Anonymous said...

Mentul Midget:

There IS a way to get Allan working for you and his trading platform on your own PC. At NO charge.

We use it.

Write to him privately via email for details.

Phil in NYC @ Goldman