Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trading review

After a brief shaky start, our new system is acting as designed and expected, catching tradable swings in an underlying stock.

Here is tonight's
TZA chart

TZA Trades

Same parameters applied to SPX




gh said...

careful on the gold - the funda mentals are stacked up agin' you-

question on tza - which reversal point in which chart do you use if you are holding over night -- ie do you freak and sell if the 15 minute reverses on the opening?

Anonymous said...

Allan,how does one obtain this system that you use? Do we buy the individual pieces - the blue wave technology,the market club,or whatever the rest is?
Thanks for youe reply.

A said...

This particular system requires:

(1) Charting platform such as eSignal or Ninja Trader

(2) ATR formula, freely available

(3) Elementary school education

A said...

gh: for illustrative purposes, I am using the 60 minute chart. there are many different strategies for utilizing multiple time frames, but lets keep this simple for now.

Anonymous said...

Allan, thanks for the application of your powerful life-spirit. Your posting today was warrior quality.

et vidit Deus quod esset bonum

Anonymous said...

Today, Thursday, was the Operators' typical counter-trend move on a penultimate-Thursday prior to options expiry Friday (next week)... in order to burn out-of-the-money options. This scheme has been at play for a while now.

However, the SMkt drop did occur despite the positive [sic., even more white-collar job cuts soon] HPQ buy out of 3COM. So, the Nasdaq was unable to provide the leadership that was being counted upon--though it had it for a while early in the trading day.

Have to see tomorrow--Friday, 11/13.

Anonymous said...

You can get free access to Allan's trading platform and a LOT more.

I have it on my own PC, write to him directly via email about how to get it.

Phil in NYC

Anonymous said...

Anyone feel that jolt before 10am?

Holy Jump Batman

Dave said...

Yea, and what I find interesting is that the VIX is still only sitting at around 24 whith this whipsaw action. This is the mark of something about to change; the mark of apprehensive traders.

A said...

Re: Awakening Intuition

Thanks you for that wonderful meditation, highly recommended to all.

A said...

That meditation was linked at:

et vidit Deus quod esset bonum

See comment above.

Anonymous said...


You are the Warrior.
I dedicate this song to you.

Thank you for this blog.