Monday, November 23, 2009

TZA system trade update

21-34-60 minute updated ATR charts


Anonymous said...

Have you used Advanced Get for trading emini futures's?

Holly20 said...

Thanks for the ATR charts Allan.

Anonymous said...

Prechter's 200% short now..Evidently he sent out a warning/alert to members. What do you think Allan?



Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

What does 200% short mean mean? Does he use some kind of scale?


Anonymous said...


there are any number of leveraged ETFs that short the indices. SDS, e.g..

TZA is 300% short the Russell-2000 index.

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A said...


A rare interim alert, ignore at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

In early august,Prechter issued a similar 'critical alert',telling people the market rally has peaked,the wave C has completed and its time to get out and watch the market begin to collapse in wave 3.
Maybe the 'timing' was off by a few months. Is that a big miss by 'supercycle' standards?
Now,he is issueing another critical warning. I want to believe him, and maybe I will close out everything again,just to be safe.
But the last time I did that ,I forfeited the opportunity to make another 30 k.
I'm not happy about that.
I subscribe to the EWI.
All throughout the market rally continuing up from august 17 to the present,they have stuck to their forecast of doom and collapse. Someday,it may become correct.
But I do question the accuracy and reliability of this 'forecasting' perspective. Being off the mark by 4 months is not confidence inspiring.
It only adds to my uncertainty as I try to figure out this phony market myself.
Plus,its not a cheap newsletter. it costs about 700 a year.
But this last few months ,because I trusted its judgement,it cost me 30 k in missed profits.

Do I still subscribe? yes. Will I close out my positions? probably. Will I be pissed off IF the market (phony or not) rises up one more leg ? and I miss out Again?
At what point should one stop trusting a mistaken forecaster?
Let me leave you with this question as a point to make.
Prechter is ALSO forecasting ,within the scope of his analysis, that GOLD will collapse to below 680,as the great wave 3 collapses the markets.

Do YOU think Gold will fall to below 680 in the coming year? Do you think Silver will fall to below the 2008 low?
Why dont all those who come here to this fine web blog,take this survey,just for fun.

Do you think GOLD will fall to below 680 in the coming year of Prechter's forecast collapse.??

I'm going to guess.....NO.

T said...

Here's another question for a survey.
2 questions.
1) Do you think the stock market is a 'free market' or a government controlled manipulated phony market ?
If you think it's a Free Market,uncontrolled by the government, not proceed to question 2.Instead,proceed to your broker and place all your money in commercial real estate trusts ,because the recession is over.good luck and gawd bless you.
If you think this 'rally' is a phony,manipulated,engineered game fully controlled by the government/FED/Goldman Sachs/ Power Structure, is 'question 2'

2) Having engineered the phony rally this far....isnt it possible the government has the power to drive up the market further,blasting past this critical trendline resistance that EWI is now warning about?
My answer would be ....the government has the power to engineer ANYTHING THEY WANT.
Thats how fraudulent the whole market system is now.
IF they want a 'wave 5' UP....the market will go UP. IF they want to engineer a 'controlled' slide down to an intermediate low(like the sept 2 low or aug.17 low) they Can do that as well.
They will do what they plan to do. and no forecasting will be right unless it figures out the game plan of the Global engineers.

I dont believe the government wants the market to start crashing just before christmas.
Thats my only hunch about the gameplan.
After christmas is another story.