Monday, November 16, 2009


Below is the Weekly chart of the Russell 2000 Index.

Note the Wave 5 Sell Signal. Note the FBS Sell Signal. Note the ATR Sell Signal. Note the target drop, 50% from current levels. Note that we are trading the 3X leveraged bear etf of this index, TZA. Note that unless this index reverses and triggers a Weekly Buy Signal, the main trend is down and TZA-friendly.

Note that we have been blown out of the water time and time again shorting this market. Note that it takes balls of steel to keep on shorting. Note that the definition of insanity to to repeat the same behavior time after time with the expectation of a different outcome. Note that Freud found a sexual context underlying all human behavior. Note that I have just injected sex into my analysis and it actually made sense.........until I pointed it out to you. Note that I am going to bed now.

Nighty night.



Anonymous said...

Tax Gain/Loss Harvesting Harvested loss on EDZ and rolled into TZA.

Steadfast TZA: qui autem permanserit usque in finem hic salvus erit - Mt 24:13

Zen Kyudo

Anonymous said...


I don't care what anyone says..
Sex and trading..

You're the man, Bro!

Best blog to follow.



Can you explain what you said about tax gain/loss? Thanks

T said...

great post A.
very funny.