Thursday, November 19, 2009

15-30-60 minute TZA


A said...

Has saving the image in .jpg format has fixed the enlargement issues?

Anonymous said...

nope, still prompts to save to system. I am on a Mac too

A said...

On a Mac, tell it to open chart in "Preview" and see if that helps.

Anonymous said...

On firefox it doesn't save - just opens up.
Thanks for the update also

Anonymous said...

I've been doing that (preview) but it just saves the image to my desktop. I don't really mind as its actually easier to go back and reference the chart and I can just go delete later.

Anonymous said...

My Mozzilla is working perfectly now.

Allan, TZA system has demonstrated really well how you incorporate several different time frames in your trading.

It would be really interesting if you can show your charting views the daily charts on TZA/IWM near the close.

In addition, it would be grand to see if the other big boy ETF are joining the party on their dailys :-)

Thanks again

A said...

Re: TZA system

10 calendar days
08 trading days
11 trade signals
average percent per trade = 0.52%
pro forma monthly return = 10.4% (@ 1 tr/dy)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Roy Kelly's indicators??

Anonymous said...

I'm currently using Roy Kelly Trend Pro. (It acts like a trading system).

I've caught some really good trends using this tool.

I find it gives me an interesting perspective, however its not as sensitive as Allan's system.

When compared to ALLAN's BWT examples, it seems like his system has some serious pinpoint accuracy.

e.g. RK TRENDPRO has yet to give a monthly buy on SPX, yet Allan's Monthy chart would have had you in the market much earlier.

Check out the post:

Monthly SPX with BWT & ATR (1972-2009)

Very powerful tool.
My jaw is still on the ground over that post.

I'd love to see more swing trade examples with Allan's system. I suspect it blows MARKETCLUB or SMARTTREND out of the water.


Anonymous said...

I was looking at RK's cycle id indicator. Do you find that useful?

JoeT said...


Possibly more support...

Anonymous said...

watching all them short term charts is like fiddling with the latch on a brazier instead of taking care of business below.

da Tbill already gave that come hither look

Ed said...

Hi Allan,

It's great to be reading your posts again. I was reading our posts on SI back in (dare I say it...98). I always appreciated the way you wrote, calls you made and the humor you applied.

I recently went back and re-read the AdvGet Thread looking for advise on how best to use the program and found a new appreciation for your writings and ended up following your profile to this blog.

It's amazing to me how consistant your use of AdvGet has remained. Curious, it seems as though you continue to use the core tools and have not added Gann Boxes, Ellipses etc. Do you use the same core setup on your intraday time frames?

By the way, it was extremely interesting going from your SI posts to your blog (still trying to get it all read). Very autobiographic when reading straight through without time lapses. You should consider writing a book. You have a knack for it.


Anonymous said...

This chart opens fine for me in Safari and Firefox, but the more recent NNVC one above is back to downloading!

- cramar

A said...


Thank you so much for your kind words. I showed your comment to my significant other last night, explaining to her, "This is why I write the blog." It's true, nothing matters as much as being genuine, helpful and entertaining. Getting it right occasionally is a bonus, but not why I write.

Putting five years of my blogs into a book is one hell of an idea. Anyone with any publishing background out there? If it will fly, I'll be happy to hit to the ignition and steer the ship.