Monday, October 26, 2009

One two.......

Russell 30 minute

DJIA 30 minute

Value Line 30 minute



Allan said...

As expected, a series of 1,2's followed by a hard down Wave 3. Review Saturday's "Five Easy Pieces" blog for closing SELL levels and most importantly, that trend line coming up from the March low.

Anonymous said...


When are you going to take down that damn picture of the hockey player? The RW lost. Get over it.

Doug in Pittsburgh (GO PENN STATE)

Anonymous said...

Again, thanks for these updates and the news on nnvc. I went short two Fridays ago with the BAM prediction, got out on the Monday ..ouch. Went short again...another ouch. Went short Friday and almost covered this am but now am happy. Also bought a bunch of nnvc on Friday and sold this am for 10%. However it's strange that my sell was in for .59 and even though the price went to .60 it didn't sell for quite a while??? Good luck to us...JBG
Also thanks Lili for the link.