Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NNVC Buy Signal



Anonymous said...

have to agree that in general stock looks like there is some accumulation going on. Do you know what caused this spike? Buy stops or some sort of news? Looking but can't find anything.

Dave said...

I still believe this extreme action (up and down) has the mark of the MM. These guys are wiley.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll give. Daddy wants this thing to go high quickly so he can get that beach property in Ecuador. And I don't really want to wait 5 years.

Anonymous said...

What is MM??

Dave said...

Maumaj said...

I like your calls but my it's not in my nature to follow someone blindly, I have to understand what is going on before, let's say, buying NNVC or any other of your finds.
I've been reading your blog for a few weeks and would like to better understand your charts. Is there a Help section on your site or will a better knowledge of Elliiot Wave give me the answers I seek?

Anonymous said...

Someone might understand their timeline that is probably a bit more defined and that they stated their financial health on Monday. Someone has taken notice it seems.

They have more dimensions to them than other biotech's at their stage.

Dharma said...

The uptick today is probably primarily due to a strong buy recommendation from Agora Financial.

Anonymous said...

Alert! GS revised their forecasted GDP number down today so when the actual number comes out tomorrow it could look like it exceeded expectations.....Tighten up those stops on any short positions!

Anonymous said...

I told you earlier that the boys would take this stock down good and hard before it can advance again. Well, they did just that and now they should be able to get this dog heading north instead of south all the time.

Anonymous said...


I am new here
Do you mean we must sell our shorts before the bell closes?

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Would you all hold NNVC or sell and take profit and buy lower?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

nnvc is not for trading at this level
lot of tests taking place any positive news would painfully surprise us if we sell
waiting $3 minimum

Anonymous said...

Yeah, holding them tightly. I got shares at 0.66 days ago. Now it is sweet to them to make profits now.... Hold....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Serge.

May I ask, how much do you own. I hold 10,000 as Allan has suggested.

BTW, nice to have someone to talk to about trading.

Anonymous said...


No. If you are short a stock or ETF make sure you are using a stop-loss for tomorrow's GDP report in the event the market rallies.


Anonymous said...

yes; looks like agorafinancial put out a technology alert on them sometime today. don't know much about them but my guess is the alert caused the pop.

Anonymous said...


Hey Man, thanks for helping.

I may be bothering you, but I have gone long on ETFS, SMN...EDZ...TZA.

I did not know I must use a stop-loss.

What do you suggest I do .


hossein said...

Re Agora That website has quite a few "authors"
Some of them have a Pink Stocks recommendation subscription based service. I don't know now because last I checked them out was sometime in 2007.
Anyway if it is true Agora Fin talked up NNVC today then I imagine its been recommended to subscriber recently. It's like the All Allan effect (traffic) on this stock multiplied by a 1000.

Or something.
I finally bought shares sometime last week. It's rare that I don't experience a long painful drawdown period before I see that there is some chance I might become a strong hand with a stock.

BTW, during a generally bad (bearish) day another Allan stock, Continental Minerals, KMKCGG i think? is up pretty good today.

Anonymous said...

I am expecting to see the market pop back up going into Nov and Dec with the S&P at around 1,100 to 1,140. From there, the decline starts to levels around 900 or lower. Right now the confidence in Washington is at an all time low, even lower than when the former president was around. The primary reason is the state of the economy, so to let the markets drop further will only cement peoples trust in Washington, therefore, I do believe that Washington will put a short term bandaid, to gain the confidence. But there's only so much bleeding a bandaid can stop, after which all hell breaks loose beginning of the year and especially Feb onwards!

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to Agora. You must sign up to read article but you know who they are talking about.

Seattle's Daily Daydream said...

I personally am holding 10K shares of NNVC at .59. I am also holding out for another large rally but may retain my initial 10k shares for the duration and into 2014. Reading the news release from Monday, I think there are small indicators in the article that lead me to believe they are on to something larger than management leads us to believe. I will probably begin trading the waves by buying additional shares after the price point exceeds $1.00. At least that is the plan! :)

T said...

well,I love to gloat,I mean I hate to gloat, but it looks like I got one right last week,when I said the elliott wave structure looked to be completing a subwave 5 down and if it holds at the 54-58 area ,can make a big break to the upside for a new run, and that if you dont own any nnvc and want some this might be a good place to get in....
I hope some folks saw the same thing and got in .
But in the long run, it doesnt matter if it's 58 or 88 or 38...if youre in it for the homerun.

Fridays GDP report if its engineered to look good could be the trigger for the 'full moon reversal' blasting the market back up.
So many stocks are right at key s/r points now, at 50 and 100 MA's,and 5 subwave structures completed,....this was what I was saying yesterday about the quickening of the forecast speed,for the 'full moon' timing (october 30 to nov.5) triggering closer to oct.30.

If you think that GDP report is a strong and reliable indication of 'good' news to reverse the falling market,it might be a tradable moment to reenter long.

I'd be open but cautious.
maybe a few half size positions.
BUT also realize that the market could flip right back to the downside in another few weeks - this could be a choppy zig zag time for the markets.

Elliott waves DO work ....When they work !!??!

Anonymous said...


You intrigue me with " full moon reversal?
Please explain what you mean?
When the full moon starts, does it usually mean to you, that the market will reverse?


T said...

Hi Liam. I'd be happy to post something worthwile on the full moon thing,but since this is Allan's blog,I'll wait for him to invite me to do a guest post on it.
stay tuned.

T said...

Go to Elite and search for the thread that's titled TRADING THE MOON. you should find something.

If that doesnt under the username YOOHOO and find the thread that way.
good hunting.

Allan said...

T: I didn't know you were waiting for a formal invitation:

Mr. T:

You are formally invited to submit a Guest Blog on use of Moon Phases in stock market timing.


Allan P. Harris, Esq.

ByteJuggler said...

For a general article as to where (I suspect) the moon comment comes from, see here: