Sunday, October 18, 2009

First we look at her purse

SPX Weekly

Six-month long divergence on FBS

W A T C H O U T!

SPX Daily

Elliott Oscillator divergence
Testing Auto-trend channel support

Note BWT&ATR SELLS threshold - 1078

I N T R A - D A Y C H A R T S

240 minute


120 minute


90 minute


2 minute

Final 30 minutes from last Friday

Option expiration noise?

The start of an impulse wave down?



Ubreako said...

very fair call. about time.

Anonymous said...

{pennies4gold} Battle Mountain, Nevada. General Metals Corp (GNMT): Approx 60% of strike length drilling data identifies an est resource of 1,069,279 ounces of gold & 3,858,471 ounces of silver. "Management is confident future drilling will develop additional resources and increase the quanity of resource included in the Measured and Indicated categories". Mkt Wire 10/19/09

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, so far the bears are wrong (BAM, Neely, Prechter)

tapped out said...

That GNMT mining company is very transparent, it keeps it's investors informed on all the company ongoings. I like that!

Anonymous said...

FBS divergence????? That is an overbought FBS that does not correct due to a strong bull. Why would you fight it and throw the "divergence" label on it. That is TA 101 Allan.

Allan said...

The failure of the FBS to go into trend mode is a glaring in-your-face divergence that is not taught until TA 102. Good luck on your studies.