Friday, October 09, 2009

Another view

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Allan!

From a fundamentals viewpoint, how does the dollar recover and gain strength (as the BAM model predicts) if the Fed keeps printing so many dollars, devaluing them moment by moment?

Thanks for taking the time to explain.

Anonymous said...

are they still printing, or are they borrowing,treasury sales have been robust.

Tom D said...

Here's a book I recommend to you:


Anonymous said...

Comments here have referred to the Goldman Sachs manipulation of the markets and that is why the markets are heading higher. Can someone explain to me exactly what GS is doing? Are they buyers or are they selling their stock inventory?


T said...

I think they are doing both,buying and selling.according to a grand plan, the government's plan. the elite global plan.
The 'intermediate' portion of the plan currently, is to keep the market from crashing,or correcting heavily, like it should,in an unmanipulated market.
The single most concern for the elite engineers is to keep the investing public from Panicking. and have a runaway collapse on their hands.
They need to 'buy time'and stretch out the current price levels through the whole quarter.with a bottom at 1000 (s+p 500).
They need to keep some control on the upside toward 1200,not letting it go parabolic quickly,which could trigger a massive sell off at the top and the panic sell they fear.
I think one key factor that will come into play whenever the decision is announced, is the issue of the dollar as the reserve currency, and the change to a global basket including gold and yuan,rouble,real,etc...) and what that might do to the market, whenever that happens.
Next year,about a year from now,will come the next wave of Commercial real estate defaults. The size of which may be too big for the government to fake the stats to avoid economic distress in the markets.
and if I'm not mistaken, there are 2 more big waves of real estate default coming. late 2010 and again in 2011. so this current market,for the next 6 months, might be just a calm before the storm.
Cautious investors,who understand the reality of the economic disease,are rightly cautious to be invested in the market at these grossly overvalued /overbought levels.
But the market keeps going up....that shows you how powerful the governments ability to engineer and manipulate the market is.
It continues to defy the elliott waves, the indicators,the experts,the austrian school of wisdom,this is like Las Vagas rigged a slot machine to keep paying out the sane person can watch this happening and believe that it will last forever.It will stop.and when it does,depending on how high it goes, and how twisted the manipulation has created some kind of freak monster market conditions..... maybe this is what will cause the giant wave 3 collapse that prechter is predicting.The government is creating the conditions right before our eyes...reflating the current Bubble.its as Gerald Celente says...."a stock market bubble" the WHOLE market IS the bubble.Last time it was just the housing market.This time its the Whole Stock Market!
Are we sure we want to be in this building let alone in this game,when the whole thing explodes?
What I want to learn as soon as possible is to find the places,ANY places,even just one place,to park my life savings so that it can survive.
Is it gold?gold and silver? and platinum?
Is it farm land? in canada, or argentina? is it Exxon,all my money in exxon? because surely exxon cant go down to zero...
Investors are so caught up in the money making game that they fail to see the danger of playing and staying in this rigged game.
Maybe there are (have been) times when the Market was operating 'freely',with free market principles that were not being interfered with.
But today Cant be one of those times.
Let the buyer beware.
I would ask myself this question now.
Is today, a good time to risk my life savings,in hopes to make another 10-20% in this market?
or might it be better to sit on the sidelines,even if it means the next 4 to 6 wait and see if the market makes a big enough correction to truly warrant re-entering,and playing the game again....thats for the direction going UP.
and for the direction Down....the question still involves waiting patiently, to see when the good time to play the market short might begin.
Many traders,smart traders, thought that time to play short was last week. Many others thought the right time was back in May. Then June,then July.then august. then september. I thought it was September 18. Now I think it might be November 3.
Welcome to the morphed monster child of Las Vegas and Wall street.
Step right up to place your bets.

Anonymous said...

Good article, T.