Thursday, December 24, 2009

TZA update

Buy at hourly close > 9.485

System +32.95% since 11/10/2009


Sean said...

A Merry Christmas to you and yours, Allan.

Unknown said...

Thanks again for the dedicated blog.

Seasons Greetings...

-Mike (in Monterrey)

Anonymous said...


A said...

Not yet.

Anyone interested emailed updates when signals are triggered? Maybe integrated with my "Donate" button....

Anonymous said...


Regarding above suggestion:

Triggering along with the master always ads extra security :-)

At the risk of sound like Deepak Chopra, a bit of karma give and take is in order considering this little system outperforms 98% of garbage our there! lol

Once again thanks for sharing your creativity! I suspect your transparency is planting innovative seeds in many of your followers.



Merry Christmas to All!

Lucky Luciano

Tictac said...

Very interested in using the donate button for emailed updates on your tweaked daily version that is only in the market a few days a month.

It would be a big help for those of us who work during market hours.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

less than sanguine candle painted on DJ_Transports today, 12/24/09

Anonymous said...

How do I go about donating so that I can get the emailed updates? I see the donate button but how do you know where to send the email?

A said...

RE: email service

Just an idea, will gauge interest and let you-all know.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays Allan, and hope 2010is a stellar year for you. And yes, am definitely interested in e-mail notifications.


Anonymous said...

EGLE & DRYS shippers both down today 12/24/09. Also, action on DJ_Trans not robust.

P'raps today's action in Pd (palladium) is presaging the 2010 release of Iron Man II starring Robert Downy Jr.; in that movie, Pd is key to the energy technology displayed.

[right click the following links to open in new window and retain also this current page]

look for more news on Pd and cold-fusion energy technology in 2010. Cold Fusion Is Hot Again
60 Minutes: Once Considered Junk Science, Cold Fusion Gets A Second Look By Researchers

PAZ09 chart

US Senate Legislation to create Palladium coins ... one should keep in mind all the trouble the Mint says it has already just trying to procure Ag, Au and Pt planchets for current fabrications which failed in 2008 & 2009 to meet public demand for Eagles

Sammy Hagar speaking on behalf of our beloved Allan's donate button

Anonymous said...

Ok how about a month email trial starting Jan 1 with a donation of 5% of the winnings after the month is up? It will be the honor system, but maybe worth your while. JBG

Anonymous said...

how now like Oct 1987

"Last week, the dividend yield on the S&P 500 dropped below 2%, versus a historical average closer to double that level. While part of the reason for the paucity of yield in the current market can be explained by the 20% plunge in dividend payouts over the past year, as financial companies have cut or halted dividends to conserve cash, the fact is that current payouts are not at all out of line with their historical relationship to revenues, and even a full recovery of the past year's dividend cuts would still leave the yield at a paltry 2.5%. The October 1987 crash occurred from a yield of 2.65%, which was, at the time, the lowest yield observed in history, matched only by the 1972 peak prior to the brutal 1973-74 bear market.

"Those two periods had a few other things in common. In the weeks immediately preceding the market downturn, stocks were overbought, had advanced significantly over prior weeks, bond yields were creeping higher, and investment advisory bearishness had dropped below 19%. All of those features should be familiar, because we observed them at the 1987 and 1972 peaks, and we observe them now."

Anonymous said...

surely an extraordinary, humongous spike in put/call ratio a few days ago

Creed - "Six Feet From The Edge"

Dirk said...

I think the email alerts idea is excellent and certainly you should get paid for it. How could it be otherwise?

Anonymous said...

new No. Korea coins after 1:100 devaluation

surely Geithner/Bernanke taking notice.