Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Into the close

Holding LONG, would flip to SHORT on close under 9.47


Anonymous said...

Can you run this on AAPL for the close?

Allan said...

AAPL long on 60 minute, flips short below 208.91.

Anonymous said...

it flipped short didn't it?

Anonymous said...

holy PHK!! Batman.

Pimco fund's chart has been isomorphic with $NDX ... a harbinger of black Thursday?!

[TigerWoods : Obama : : PHK : NDX]

PHK plunge

Grandmaster Flash

Anonymous said...


DPO plunge

Anna Netrebko

Anonymous said...

right shoulder of H&S top forming on NYSE Summation Index; note that a formed reverse-H&S on this index preceded market action in March 2009.

NYSE Sum Index

Bocelli - con te partirĂ²

Anonymous said...

Rubber band affect

$SPX 50/200

NEVER enough Bocelli or Laura

Lucky Luciano