Sunday, December 27, 2009

On a personal note.....

I am not sure what needs to be said here.  The words and melody, soft and raspy voices, melodious, tranquil; the synthesis of age and beauty creating a portrait of an artist as an old man. A mirrored testament of a life serene, if only for this passing moment.  

Sunday is my personal day, a time for reflection and rest, a day to share some personal joy and angst. Something is unwritten, unsaid, it seeks release among the harmonies, the synthesis of  words, music, voices. In the end, subtly and unfinished, it leaves an image of our lives expressed in song so delicate, so vibrant, so eloquent.

It remains one of my favorites, a Best-of-Allan, for all that it says about love and life, for all that is says about you, about me. 

Find someone to love, then love her.



Anonymous said...

"Find someone to love, then love her."
Exactly like

Find something that work and trade..

Really this song is one of my favorites too.
Thx Allan for bringing it up here


Anonymous said...

Julie Christianson and Perla Batalla could each alone have done justice to this song so it's nice to see them as backups together here. JBG

Anonymous said...


". . . I who was lost and lonely, believing life was only
A bitter tragic joke, have found with you
The meaning of existence oh, my love."

Anonymous said...


This is a trading blog. I'm not interested in your personal thoughts on life in general.


P.K. Todd

Anonymous said...

Best blog I've ever seen. Simply wonderful to find some Leonard Cohen on blog !!!!