Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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60 minute trade system


The Sound Center said...

Ah, Ann Arbor and Tom Hayden.

My dear Allan, have you tried the passionfruit mousse?

Anonymous said...

Can I comment on this chart?

This Chart looks important.

something is compelling about it.

The bottom and breakout looks solid and clean right AT THAT 34.18 PRICE POINT.

Its the wave structure down to that price point. that area.Looks like a critical line in the sand type of point.

The timing factor is converging along with it.

The end of the year. a full moon ariving, grand central station dead ahead.
Last Stop....
will it be the Twilight Zone.

Analyzing the wave structure ,for a big reversal looks like it needs a little time to evolve into the Bigger Swing,...."Full Moon Reversal Time" is coming soon in a few days,into early next week.....will it have enough time to evolve and trigger with the full moon energy boost

add to that the various indicators, and to me,it 'feels' like an important set up happening now.

...but Early yet,a little early,needs a few more days.

...testing 34.50-35.00 area could complete a wave (1)

and then Down,a-b-c to retest The key area,highlighted area;

With the sheeple bulls,and up to now the government engineers, wanting to keep the rally going,can the game riggers engineer yet another rally leg into the new year?...

This moment of cycle timing,what I see marked by the lunar cycles,full moon and new moon,as a timing zone,.....there isnt alot of time left before the "Big Reversal Trigger Time" arrives. That would be this thursday december 31 or next monday january 4 , maybe january 5 or 6th at the latest, if any big "reversal" of trend or larger wave swings a reversal to happen, for this monthly cycle. If it doesnt happen between dec 31 and january 6th, then its not likely to be ..."the big one". not this month.

But,in the next 5 business days,IF price action shows a large move in one direction followed by a whipsaw move Reversal....this could be the action of the Key Reversal we're looking for.

It might play out like a bold whipsaw,to coordinate with the Timing Factor.

Otherwise,any stretched out dull action,extending through the end of next week, would suggest a 'postponement' of the Big Reversal... another month of extend and pretend.

.... as it did last month between full moons and new moons,such that Next week provides no Monumental fireworks.

In which case I would anticipate January 17 Time zone and Feb.1 Time zone as the next big moment to anticipate any large wave reversals.

This Chart,with this sharp price point,wave structure,and Cycle Timing seems to say.....'pay attention',be prepared,anticipate a Reversal,maybe a whipsaw type,into next week,

and wait for it.

It might take the whole week to reveal the 'chosen' direction.

Lastly, what I sense, about This price point....34.18 ... keep it in memory.

If it doesnt hold up now, it might be the critical line in the sand....

for the next cyclical wave timing Zone.

Failure at 34.18 or Holding at 34.18. This month or next month.

Granted,the automated system does all the thinking,

but even if I had one,I would still be compelled to eyeball the elliott waves and feel market sentiment.

The full moon has been good to me this year.

Beware this next one.Thursday dec 31,or Monday jan.4. maybe tuesday jan 5 ,cant tell until the time comes-- WHICH WAY the market will "Reverse" direction.

The Full Moon says ...."expect a reversal"

Remember that 2 or 3 day period from october 30 to november 2,when the markets made a powerful false start with a big whipsaw,before Reversing again.
Something like this could happen again end of this week,and beginning and middle of next week.

Aw...I know ya hate predicting. Its just my thing.


Anonymous said...

One last point.... see this chart,up at the far left corner.... just visible,the Timing Zone ,december 17-18, was the NEW MOON reversal zone. See what that whipsaw reversal looked like.
Thats what I'm talking about.

watching lunar cycles.

Anonymous said...

yo, lunar-anonymous:

you make some cogent points there.

I wonder if you follow Bradley. Looks like not until March. fwiw.

see pages 10, 23 & 24 (the latter two have charts). Watch out as polarity (i.e., direction) can flip. All that is useful, when it is useful, is the turn dates. Best to correlate with other systems and techniques.


ps. try playing with the term of the full-stochastics from being 14 to instead 29.5 (lunar cycle). Can also do 29.5 x 3.14 (pi).