Saturday, December 12, 2009

New horizons

I started out about three hours ago, intending to update the TZA system stats and tease everyone with my new scalping system which is holding up with 85% winning trades, now going back 5.5 years in my back testing model. Or maybe just a graphic review of EW counts and analysis which paint the same portrait of a market hovering on fumes, about to go into free fall.

I also wanted to update NNVC, which I can tell you already, is my stock of year for 2010.  This could be a weekend blog in and of itself, as well as being a one decision investment that you all will remember me for, in grateful wonder of having stumbled upon this buy of a lifetime on this innocuous blog by a guy who's previous greatest achievement in life was attending Woodstock.

That was my plan, anyway, but first there was my favorite part of weekend posts, finding some beautifully performed music to attach to the blog;  poignant, with an obvious or secret special meaning, incisive, mesmerizing, filled with emotion, intellect and deep personal attachment.

Thirty seconds later it all changed and my weekend blog is no longer about money or markets, it's about the best of times, the worst of times, an age of wisdom, of foolishness, of belief and incredulity and of this season of light, of darkness, of hope, despair and all that lays before us......and all that does not.  (Apologies to C. Dickens.)

He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God. So he waited, listening for a moment longer to the tuning-fork that had been struck upon a star. Then he kissed her. At his lips' touch she blossomed for him like a flower and the incarnation was complete.
The Great Gatsby
Chapter 6, Gatsby on his first kiss with Daisy.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Allan, sounds like you've got a new "lady friend"!
Best wishes.
PS Great reception to NNVC at conference. Good news coming soon.


Anonymous said...

wow. you know,they made us read Gatsby in the 8 th grade when we were 13. I remember I could barely get thru it,the monotony.
never read it since.
Now,40 years later,I see these words (from Gatsby !?!?)

Gatsby is just so wasted on a 13 year old.

Makes me feel I should go start reading all over again for the first time.

thanks for that great post.
Just keep writing. just dont stop. if you stop we will die.
you say we wont. but we will.
in some way,we will die.
a little piece of life we get here will die.its just that way about life. we live by the gifts we give and receive. there is nothing else that makes up life.

Fitzgerald did a short shory that really did impact me ,at 14,though,called ....'Winter Dreams'.
Do you know that one?

From time to time,I think of that story,as I watch the summer leaves of my life start floating to the ground.upon the winds of my forlorn fading winter dreams.

Kirk said...

Great idea for an update... BUT, I really, really need to know your stance on TZA.... I bought TZA yesterday at 11.30 and 11.20 (at the close). Please update!

Anonymous said...

The DJIA chart looks bullish, but the Russell-2000 is less sanguine.



lunar cycle (or days to make a habit) = 29.56

multiplied by Pi = 92.87

Nashville said...

Enjoy your insights and comments... keep it up!! Long NNVC. Former Motor City now in Music City!!

Anonymous said...

allan, thanks for all your efforts here

would you suggest bying nnvc now or waiting for a pullback


Anonymous said...

the More on this Topic links suggest that our subtle Allan is drawing an analogy between now and July 2009.

this means we either get the big drop that ElliotWv predicted back then, but which was forestalled by GS&Co.; or, we get again what occurred post July 2009 which would get it up into at least March 2010.

but with Tiger having lost his woody, perhaps now the SMkt will likewise droop.

Anonymous said...

Allan - as always, thanks for the posts! Wanted to know your thoughts on KMKCF and TZA.

Anonymous said...

Mitakuye Oyasin!!

It's time to prepare for the FOMC trading week ahead.

La Marseillaise

Gird your sword upon your side, O mighty one; clothe yourself with splendor and majesty. In your majesty ride forth victoriously in behalf of truth, humility and righteousness; let your right hand display awesome deeds. Ps45

Anonymous said...


I agree with the first poster. Sounds like you have a new girl in your life.

Pursuant to SEC REG. 201(c-1A~) you are required to disclose full details on this woman, including pictures, within 30 days of the formal relationship's commencement.

This is so we readers know if there is a conflict of interest.

Please rectify the matter ASAP, thank you for your cooperation.

John K.