Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thunder Road

What a long, strange trip it's been.
                                              - Albert Einstein

Looking back 90 days from now, remember these three charts (and, "No," I do not know or understand why is adding an extra step to view these charts, maybe it will change back on December 1st, the next full moon).

I highly recommend that everyone bookmark and follow the thread on NNVC at iHub.  I've become so close to the company that most of everything I post about NanoViricides, outside of my charts, I must copy and paste from already public information.  iHub posters will always be first to know and first to understand the significance of upcoming developments.  After five minutes of reading posts there, it will become clear which posters are aboard the runaway train.


For a beautiful orchid, whose heart and love, became my own.


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

I was wondering if you had a view regarding foreign markets and how they will correlate with the declining US market. Peter Schiff has stated that he believes the emerging markets will eventually uncouple from us and continue to be strong. Prechter in his CTC book talks about a world depression but I'm not sure if that is his actual forecast.

I would really appreciate your world view on this if you have one.

Thanks and great blog!!


Allan said...

Tom: I lean toward its all one world, all one market for now, very similar to Prechter's thesis.

Nonetheless, the market that has me most intrigued is precious metals, especially as it relates to a paper asset devaluation that may be, "the next big thing," whereby everything paper declines and everything with a tangible store of value, i.e. gold & silver, rises. Of course, timing is everything, so I'll be looking for clues of this in my trend following models, the better late then never strategy.

Anonymous said...

Allan , It seems Bill Fleckenstein agrees

Anonymous said...

musical accompaniment for the rolling top in the S&P500

in omni virtute confortati secundum potentiam claritatis eius in omni patientia et longanimitate cum gaudio

Anonymous said...


You mention "everything with a tangible store of value, i.e. gold & silver, rises" I like to include my two cents as I thinl oil is right up there. I think I have mentioned GGR here but if I haven't I just did.


T said...

The RUT chart looks like a perfect 'cup and handle',with a target of 750 area if it holds at 550 and breaks upward. If price fails to hold at 550 then it looks like a wave down .

critical s/r point appears to be the 550 area.

T said...

....and yes,I would look for the full moon dec.1 area as the reversal point at the key s/r of 550 area.

Anonymous said...

A few things:

Regarding decoupling of economies, just look at recent bear market. It was a passive investor's nightmare. Holy Markowitz Batman everything went down together!

Regarding paper devaluation thesis, you have guys like Fleck and Schiff that have had this view for a long time and got positioned in things like GOLD on 1st floor.
I'm sure they have a nice margin of safety built in their main positions and are now just enjoying the bull market ride.

For nimble, skillful traders like Allan its ok to join the party whenever they feel its right time.

I'd urge caution for joe sixpack.
I suspect the U.S. dollar may give a great example of short-covering rally soon.

Speaking of getting it right. Not only is this guy a great trader but he's called it pretty good so far.



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Anonymous said...

Love "Thunder Road", but this version sounds like crap to me...seen the Boss 4 times in concert...give me the older version anyday. This version sounds like he's been attending the Bob Dillion School of Lame Voice Singing!

Allan said...


I hand picked this version among about a half dozen or so that were on just the first of 10 YouTube pages. It's all about intensity. Maybe not the best musically, but the closest match to what I was feeling at the time. My life is changing, you will see and hear it in the music that I will be presenting in the weeks and months ahead.


Anonymous said...


You seem to have quite a developed discernment of music that I usually associate with fellow musicians.

I'm curious if you play a musical instrument?