Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NNVC chart

Wave 5 Target = 1.20
ATR Buy Signal = 0.70 on Oct 28



steve said...

Everyone do yourself a favor and go back and see what happened the last few times Allan pimped his darling with upside wave targets

Allan said...

These are objective, rule-based trading methodologies, they work more often then they don't, but like everything else in trading, don't expect perfection. Failing to act on a high probability set up is no different that taking a losing trade. Rewards follow risk, you have to go through the latter to reach the former.

Anonymous said...

Allan, why didn't you post the LONG signal on Oct 28? or did you?

Anonymous said...

..... dont forget the bunch of investors who bought those special shares they can cash in at 1.00.there could be some dip or hesitation there,before any bigger rise to target 1.20