Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Fed, according to Zeitgeist

Thank's to Philip Crocco at CB forum for a reminder of this timely examination of evil incarnate:


Anonymous said...

Very interesting article on a company that has developed a small machine that uses ozone to disinfect the air in a room. Kills H1N1 and other viruses.

Why technologies using ozone are not more prevalent is a mystery. Maybe it's misunderstood or maybe it's just too damn simple.

On that note Allan, I still believe in the long term prospects of Eco-Safe Systems (ESFS).

Their ozone based water disinfection systems are slowly being adopted by supermarkets, restaurants and other business all over the country. And the stock is dirt cheap...

-Steve K in L.A.

Mike said...

More on the Fed:


Anonymous said...


Excuse my ignorance.

Those are pretty powerful quotes by respectable men of history.

I know Allan is trained in law and perhaps even history, so if he posted this link there must be something to it.

However, if its as bad as this movie portrays why hasn't revolt already started????

Historically, there are always conscientious people on the outer edges that leak facts.

Maybe I'm dense, but I can't help but believe Federal Reserve has the U.S.A's best interest at heart.

On the other hand one thing is for sure. I believe THE CORPORATION is an entity with a 'pathelogical pursuit of profit and power' and ultimately has no loyalty at all to country of origin.

I recently watched Buffett and Gates on CNBC get interviewed by biz students just dying to put on some knee pads for these guys. Not one hard question. Both men painted U.S. as this amazing transforming free market machine that will create abundance and opportunity for Americans in the future.

All I see U.S. major corporations drawing more and more research and development, technology etc. from what used to be 3rd world nations CHINDIA. e.g. Call center jobs in U.S. and high tech researchers in India.

Quality jobs in U.S. seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate.

Ask Jim Rogers what he things about a country without a manufacturing base.

The education system is becoming a disaster.

Why are corporations like MSFT investing so much in education/research/ in other countries at a time when their country of origin is obviously in a state of decline?

Just asking.......

Joe Dirt

Mike said...

ask Jim Rogers about the Fed...

better it.


Anonymous said...

here's an article on "brand avoidance" ... Starbucks, for one, is going to lengths to hide its brand as consumers enmass turn to the small & the independent & the local and away from monopolies and corporations.

this is a ZEITGEIST (ie., trend) that Gerald Celente a year ago predicted would occur at this time!

brand avoidance

THINK ABOUT IT: the Fed Reserve Note (FRN) carries a corporate brand. Without brand glamour, it is mere paper.

Ergo, what is occurring with gold and silver is a tectonic shift that is anthropological in its roots and cultural in its effect.

neunundneunzig Luftballons

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