Monday, November 09, 2009

A novel Idea

Been mulling this around for quite awhile and maybe its time for you folks to have a say.

Here is an Hourly chart of TZA:

Nice combination of 10% or better wins with few whipsaws and not too many trades. Longer or shorter time frames work equally well, but the hourly by its very design means you can hop onto a large percentage move relatively quickly and yet not be completely glued to the screen every tick.

My idea is to post this chart soon after every new signal.

Vote Yea, Nea, or I've-got-a-better-idea, with your Comments.



Holly20 said...

Fantastic! TZA is always on my watchlist. Your additional signals would be very helpful.

Mike said...

Posting after each new signal would be awesome thanks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Liam, Thanks

Anonymous said...

I like that idea.
Thank You

goldenheart said...

whatever it takes for you to get your 5% for life duuuuuuuuuuude-

still under water on nano and shortin' spy and rut a couple of weeks ago per your instructions - do you owe me 5% till then -- lol

Anonymous said...

Great idea and a big help to me. Thanks Allan!!

gwac0 said...

Would be great

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Yea or Nea? Are you kidding me? lol

Its something I've already been doing but having you as reinforcement is amazing.

Had a beautiful long TNA today.

Mucho thanks man.

Lucky Luciano
I'd name my 1st son after you but it wouldn't mix with all the vowels in my last

Dharma said...

YEA for sure !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks allan! Are you shorting and buying stock or playing the options? Rick

Allan said...

shorting and buying stock. later maybe some esoteric option strategies, but we have to get the underlying trades right before even considering options.

T said...


Anonymous said...'re guessing is better than mine!

Bob said...

Hi Allan,

Great blog. What time frame are you using on the ATR? Is it different for each of the three (15/60/240) charts?