Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What you see is what you get


Chad Liddell said...

Hi Allen,

Here are a couple of interesting charts to go along with your post.$INDU&p=M&st=1960-06-06&id=p92400279230&a=144516610$SPX&p=M&st=1936-01-01&id=p18131222374&a=142013588

Anonymous said...

Allan, Looks like we are set for panic selling today. Do you think so too..

A said...

Looks like a strategy of Long Oil, Long Gold and Short Stocks has been the right road map.

Now where did I read that?


Unknown said...

Allan,how has your day trading system held up in this weak market?

Unknown said...

Ron, a lot of my usual suspects of day-trade triggers have dried up, especially on the long side, so that hasn't been bad and my swing trades, some of which i share here on the blog, have been largely in oil, gold and short, so those have held up nicely.