Tuesday, July 01, 2008

NNVC - Facts

Once again I am taking the lazy way of bringing NNVC fundamentals up to date by borrowing from our resident expert on Nanoviricides, Dr. Feelgood. In this post published earlier today on iHub, the good Doctor chronicles where the company is in it's development as a viable and valuable contributor to global health and in which he further alludes to commensurate material rewards likely to flow through to NNVC's shareholders.

Fact: If one chooses to believe NNVC PRs, they are neogtiating licenses.

Fact: There are now 10 products in the pipeline, each with its own potential exclusive license.

Fact: Other pharmas in pre-IND status are getting huge upfront payments for licenses to less effective drugs.

Fact: NNVC continues to prove it has the ultimate antuiviral in the truest sense of the word, it attacks viruses.

Fact: HIV results were off the charts for efficacy.

Fact: EKC results showed complete clearing of symptoms within 48 hours of administration to infected areas.

Fact: NNVC's antivirals have roughly the toxicity of water when it comes to anything but a virus.

Fact: With all the above facts, a multi-10s-of-millions-of-dollars upfront licensing payment is in the near future and certainly before the end of summer.

Fact: Take it to the bank.



Anonymous said...

Allan, Do you know Dr Feelgood personally or just familiar with his writings? I guess my real question is, do you trust him?

A said...

Let me put it like this, I know a little bit more about him then can easily be gleaned from the Internet, but, have never met nor spoken to him. In light of everything, I have chosen to trust him on the subject of NNVC.