Friday, July 18, 2008


I've been running my MC scans all day and Midway Games keeps coming up on all the best short-term breakout scans. Checking Internet sources, it may have to do with Batman movie and a new video game coming out from Midway.

Don't have time for a complete analysis, so consider this just an intraday heads up on a potential breakout stock.

I'm in at $2.80.



Anonymous said...

Is "Midway Game" a game about the famous battle of Midway Island? If so, I'm in. That's long overdue.

Also, I've been silently following your picks for about a year.

There were some big losers but I'm up about 80% overall.

Thanks, Allan

Fleet Admiral Tom Rollins
San Diego

abot said...

Allan, do those triangles give a different or faster signal than the P SAR indicator?

abot said...

I am refering to the MC triangles.

Also, you were on solars some time ago. Some seem to want to break from a rsi swedge. A lot of overhead supply though but I would love to know your opinion on the sector at this time.


A said...

abot....a few years ago i read a book on trend following and have since utilized trend following principles in all my swing trading. there is no better way to identify and follow a trend then by closely monitoring break-outs on the weekly charts. adding an macd oscillator to identify major turning points is about the only other TA i use.

triangles on the market club charts are merely break-out signals, so naturally i am a proponent of triangles over any random oscillator like SAR. but that's me, certainly there may be others who swear by SAR, but it never worked for my trading.

as for solars, i see nothing in their charts that interest me on the long side.