Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A tisket a tasket...

....a green and yellow Biotechnology Basket:

This portfolio was sent out to subscribers on March 21, 2010.  It is up 5.10% since inception, two and one half weeks ago.  Included in that 5.10% is a 74.11% loss in GNVC.   

Last weekend I sent out a Basket of Income Stocks to subscribers.  In one and one-half days, that basket is up 1.46%.  Of course, none of its components have lost 3/4 of its value and its only been a day and one half, so celebratory bravado might be a bit premature.

But what the hell, a little premature jubilation beats angst, any day.



Anonymous said...

Allan..what is the possiblity that nnvc will do an offering now, or do you think they will wait for a higher share price?


Anonymous said...


it certainly seems like something is brewing here