Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NNVC - chart update

NNVC is running again today, this time apparently in response to a very bullish write-up in Agora's Breakthrough Technology Alert and possibly as the result of a mention on Fox Business News.  In any case, the EW (Elliott Wave) count has changed on the Weekly chart, now suggesting a target of $5.00 for this move.

NNVC Daily Trend Model

Note how yesterday's sharp sell-off found support right at he Daily Model Trend Line


Mike_T said...

Go NNVC, and go Wings!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Allan, can you please shed some light on the chart for me? i notice the two number 4's on the chart and assume they are for a wave 4 down. is the new $5 target likely to be hit before or after a wave 4 retracement. NNVC has moved a lot already so a move to 5 from here with no pullback would be a huge parabolic move?

A said...

The "-4-" wave labels are really without much import, as they are suggestions as to where a Wave 4 might retrace IF a Wave 4 were to start today. As you pointed out, NNVC could run all the way to 5 before any meaningful pullback, or it could pullback at any time. These pullbacks are just not known in advance.

Anonymous said...

k, thanks Dude

ps. youre daughter is beautiful, she must get her looks from her mother, just teasing LOL

Anonymous said...

Where are all the posters bashing NNVC that it was a nothing company and it was going to zero.
I have not read anything from them recently.


Anonymous said...

Guess they left, along with the know-nothings predicting it's going to $5 based on rumors.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean going to $2, Allan?