Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NNVC - Analysis

At the bottom of this TA analysis there is an email from NNVC CEO, Dr. Eugene Seymour, posted yesterday at the iHub NNVC forum.  The email contains a lot of information, literally as well as by implication, reading between the lines.

Speaking of implications, this piece of fundamental analysis goes well with the underlying implications of the following three charts:

NNVC Daily

NNVC 240 min

NNVC 120 min

TA Discussion:

It looks like a corrective wave has taken over which has me looking for a reliable pattern that will suggest its time for the rally to resume.  For this I am using the False Bar Stochastic shown on all of the above three charts, in conjunction with the ATR Trend Models.  Those models suggest that 2.46, 2.28 and 2.26 are all thresholds that will signify a resumption of the uptrend.  Based on the patterns shown in the stochastic for all three time frames, hitting those prices will surely generate Buy signals.


Re: SHELF stock price.
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 12:16 PM
"Eugene Seymour, MD, MPH"
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There is something very important to remember about a shelf registration

It's effective for a number of years and merely allows us to register treasury shares so they can be used as currency. For example, to buy equipment, pay for laboratory improvements or, to raise money, (sold as an offering). This offering can take different forms and is considered to be a "secondary offering".

However, we are under no obligation to do anything with those registered shares. They can simply sit there until we decide to use them (if ever).

As you can tell from our previous SEC filings, we have enough money to last for one year at our current burn rate so we are not in a panic to get more capital. We will do a financing, if and when we think it is in the best interest of both the Company and its shareholders to do so. In the meantime, I am actively exploring other forms of capital acquisition that will have no effect on the number of shares outstanding.

When the S3 was filed, many different investment banks contacted me. I have interviewed all of them, most in person, in an effort to chose the institution or institutions that will be important to us as we move forward into the FDA process and beyond.

I feel that we're at an important juncture in the life of NanoViricides. We now have a number of "lead drug candidates" for an FDA filing(s) and will decide in the next 2-3 months what the submission order will be. The priority voucher program is an important consideration, especially since there are a number of tropical medicine diseases that don't require human trials except for Phase I safety when the drug is given to healthy volunteers. And, there's an immediate financial payoff once approval is obtained. Only a few non human primates are needed for the other Phases which makes the trials go rather quickly.

There is now widespread understanding in the scientific community about the usefulness of nanomedicine and particularly of our nanoparticles, called nanomicelles. You only have to go to to see that they're doing the same thing in oncology, targeting and destroying individual cancer cells, as we're doing with viruses.

It's important to look into the future but at the same time make the correct decisions that will help us achieve our long-term goals

I'm most interested in seeing this S3 shelf registration go effective so we can leave this quiet period and update everyone on our most recent studies.

I hope this has been helpful

Chief Executive Officer
Nanotechnology-based targeted anti-viral therapeutics


PENN STATE Eric said...

As Wayne and Garth would say... "Schwiiiiing!"

I like the in-between reading of his post. I also like that for once they don't sound worried about running out of capital, whereas in the past, each year, they project running out in December, he sounds much stronger here.

Anonymous said...

Why are you worried about the daily blips of nnvc Alan if it is heading to 100 in the next 3 years?

Anonymous said...

at the blue 4 in nnvc chart did you go long for wave 5?
im not a subscriber. tia

Anonymous said...

Well, guess it's a sell for now.