Wednesday, April 14, 2010

GOOG update

Two GOOG charts; first, an update of the GOOG Daily Model that I have been posting all along:

GOOG 2.0 Daily Trading Model

Below, the less volatile 4.0 ATR settings:

GOOG 4.0 Daily Trend Model

We can't data mine here and reach conclusions based on an isolated example of one setting being better then another.  My R&D process is deliberate, time consuming and in slow motion until tax season comes to an end, tomorrow.  Eyeballing the differences in these GOOG charts is a fair approximation of what I am seeing across all stocks and time frames.  If it holds up to thorough back-testing, it will be implemented, in one form or another.

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Anonymous said...

Any chart looks good in "back testing". The trick is to find one that looks good when not used in reverse.