Thursday, April 29, 2010

NNVC - Hourly

NNVC Hourly Trend Model

As volume has picked up in 2010, the above hourly trend model has caught my attention, especially for those seeking additional entry points for NNVC.  

The recovery late Wednesday from 1.70 to 2.00 was enough to trigger a fresh Buy in the hourly model.  Note also the early warning Sell generated April 15th at about 2.40.  NNVC then dropped to about 2.16, triggered a Buy that was quickly reversed to a Sell at 2.06, which then saw NNVC drop to 1.70  before the reversal Long on yesterday's close.

I'm not suggesting actively trading NNVC based on intraday trends, but, the trades and opportunities are there, for anyone so inclined. 


Anonymous said...

buyers come in every time the MM tries to take her (NNVC) down ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

I feel cool today!

re: NNVC

I would like to know...if there is a buy for 2.05/50 and a sell for 2.12/5 does this mean the stock will go up?

In your opinion, is this a good time to buy at 2.05.

I know it is my trade, and I know you can not trade for me, but are you allowed to advise me if this is a good entry point.

I hold 20,000 at around 1.05

Thank you, Sir


ps: what does MM mean?

A said...

I think that the relatively fresh Buy on the Hourly model provides a good entry point. Note also that there is news pending here, both in terms of the placement of new shares and any news that has been accumulating since the filing of the shelf registration. So there will be some good news and some bad news getting released any day now. Rather then try to figure all that out, following the trend models makes more sense to me.

SteveKore said...

Hi Allan,

This is just a quick heads up for you. Two days ago ESFS announced a huge sale.

Billion Dollar Restaurant Chain Begins Ordering From Eco-Safe

Unfortunately (or fortunately for some) the pps didn't really move. I only have two theories as to the lack of movement. 1) Nobody knows the company exists. They're currently not spending any cash on PR and you can't buy something you've never heard of. 2) I own a shitload of ESFS. Generally my ownership of a an equity prevents it from going anywhere. I don't know exactly how this works but it pretty much has held true for the past 20 years. (Note: the spell may have been broken this year as NNVC seems to be doing very well.)

TheHammersmith-Etsy said...

Might be nice to recheck the wave count model. We've pretty much had wave 4 down if i'm not mistaken... I wonder how this will play out..

Anonymous said...

Liam,I would think 20 thousand shares is more than enough to get rich with NNVC,and 1.00 is a decent price. If I were you I would look to find some additional stocks to put money on. whatever your portfolio allows for.

There are some other stocks out there that could be as good as NNVC.

I like the potential of these.

ISCO ...biotech
UPWRF....oil exploration in china

other concepts include
'Bakken' oil
'Eagle ford' texas oil

gold miners
silver miners

do yer diligence