Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is it different this time?

A couple of weeks ago we had a financial-led decline, but SDS never budged from its Short trend mode.

An hour before the close today, that short trend is in real jeopardy. Regarding the  question first above posed, today's closing price my very well provide the answer.


khalid said...

"Is it different this time?"
Gold seems to think so, no?

Unknown said...

I'm a new subscriber to your Trend Following Trading Model. Do you have a tutorial on how to use and apply the model? I'm leaving a comment here because I don't know how else to contact you. How do I contact you?


Joe Gitter

A said...

Re: tutorials

I'll forward them to you; you can always reach me at the return address on the emails.


Anonymous said...

It'll be different when the Fed stops manipulating the futures. Despite the probable Asian selloff tonight, I'm sure tomorrow's pre-mkt activity will be "promising," as always !
That said, there will come a time when the tide changes; when investors get tired of losing money in what is obviously a corrupt casino. That time, despite what the media tells us, I believe is not too far off. But not now.
There are many people who, after years of investing honestly in IRA's and 401k's, have nothing to show for it. Other asset classes are gaining in popularity. Real estate, precious metals, antiques, paintings, etc.
You think you can beat this system for $100 a month (no offense, Allan) ? Not for long. What the market gives, it soon takes away.
In another ten years, they'll be talking about the lost decadeS...
There is no incentive for the big money players to let the market work efficiently. They make far too much as is, i.e. build your confidence, then take it; but only enough to keep you coming back.. Much like the Sands, Argosy, or Grand.. My opinion, of course. Having been a series 6,63,7,24,66, and 8 (formerly the 9 & 10) I believe I can testify to how corrupt the marketplace has become. Nevertheless, I still enjoy the noise and lights. C'est la vie.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. corrupt casino.
but.... what other game is there?

It may be wise to invest heavily in precious metals and miners,close out the 401 K and be half in cash and half in gold. a number of folks are doing just that.

But I still have trust in the biotech ,stem cell and DNA/RNA biotech stocks,as breakthrough technology creates a revolution in disease cure. I think this evolution in medical science is very real and is the best evolution for investors these days.
I place similar value on precious metal miners and owning physical precious metals.
and some portion invested in the energy sector
for this I favor specific homerun stocks
UPWRF, TRGL, and some others worth looking into ...IOC,the texas shale plays(HK,SM,CHK, some of the bakken oil plays,offshore drilling maybe,) maybe even XOM if it hangs at the low area in the 60-65 range .

Oil is a political 'currency' to own.
so is gold and silver.

Other than these things, I think its little more than chips on black and red and spin the wheel.

Do you trust the Plunge Protection Team.... or Not.

Is it clear enough now, for all to agree,that this market is a rigged game?

Is this Goldman fraud "expose" just a dog and pony show ? you dont seriously think the government will prosecute goldman in any serious way do you?
I think its just a show ,for the public to think it means something real. its not real. its a show. goldman IS part of the government now.

The message for the public is .... Trust us sheeple?
we are sincerely cleaning up wall street corruption. Keep investing. we need your money in the system.

The only thing lacking is all the neon flashing lights and bells and whistles that Vegas has.

winner winner chicken dinner.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Wednesday morning, and all is well.. Futures up sharply. Greece? Portugal? Goldman's swindles? No worries, be happy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Allen,

I found your blog thru Phils' World. I'm very interested in your trading program and service being a big believer in this "swing trading" type method. I've traded for years, but without your consistency. What I'd like to know is the accuracy of your official trading record. I mean no offense, but you know all the shysters out there. I've subscribed to a number of them myself. Where can I find some information about all your trade recommendations, the returns and holding period? Thanks, David

A said...

Re: homework

Since inception of the service on January 2, 2010, I have sent out 392 email updates and have posted over 100 blogs, the bulk of which show examples of my trend charts with real time signals embedded. My suggestion is to take a look at my blogs since inception and get a feel for what I am doing. It either resonates with you or it doesn't.

The subscription rate is dwarfed by potential gains from trend following, not to mention the reduction of stress and indecision.

If you are seeking perfection, you are not going to find it here. But if you are looking only for an edge, this is it.