Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Three Biotech's

Here are three biotechnology stocks from the Basket, all using a low-volatility setting in the Trend Models, the same setting being used to guide entry/exits in the Income Basket.  Less trading, a bit less fine tuning, but as you can see, some very nice runs.

AVXL Daily Trend Model

NNVC Daily Trend Model

INCY Daily Trend Model


Anonymous said...

the fibs and the MA's on AVXL are all around the 2.50-2.64 area for the healthy correction.

I hate to buy it here above 3.00.... if it could just slip on down into the bargain 'zone'

Anonymous said...

very little volume on AVXL these last two days

A said...

You can see an occasional run of red bars in the above three charts. Those represent about where the current algorithm would exit and enter again.

The ATR setting shown above is 7.0 periods, 4.0 multiplier, for those playing along at home.

MMarino said...


Regarding the wave count for NNVC:

Wouldn't it be a safe spot to invest at $1.72 above considering that it looks as if wave 4 would struggle to pull it below $1.72? Or are we still in a wave 3 uptrend? Which is what the chart suggests cause it is LONG. Just trying to time my exit, any help is appreciated.


A said...

The best strategy for NNVC has been to buy it. Being extremely sensitive to news and knowing that there are so many irons in the fire at the moment, with any one of them a potential press release of blockbuster proportions, trying to wait out a corrective wave seems perilous, to say the least.

MMarino said...

Well dam, I sold at $1.80

TheHammersmith-Etsy said...

Boom, NNVC, break out? wave 5 extension. Fake ? or real... I'm still working on it...

Anonymous said...

its ok M,didnt you buy it at 1.72 ?

that was on the high side in my view.

but for first time entry position....it is a tough call right now.
the chart looks like its playing out a wave 5 now....which suggests that after the next top turns over,should give us some sort of correction back down into the 1.50 area.

If it does that,would be my entry buy zone.

but like allan suggested,I wouldnt try to get too cute with the correction.

basic 50% fib correction from here will be the 1.50-1.40 area.