Sunday, April 25, 2010

On a really, old song

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Allan, we are different walks of life I am sure but, im 27 and own the requisite 11.5K shares of NNVC and live on the west coast, but I think the we have the same taste in music on a meloncholy Sunday afternoon. Appreciate your blog everyday, love making money but the strands of humanity are what make it last.

A said...

Yes, Sunday's bring out the melancholy in life, always have. This isn't the first time this particular song has graced these pages, as its mood and meaning travels with me through the years. Jackson Browne is touring the country again and I hope to catch up with him later this summer. I understand its good to have something to look forward to, keeps the heart beating.

Bob said...

It's not that old. Hell, I'm only 62 and remember it like it was yesterday. :))

I agree with your comments about Sunday. Especially the afternoon for me. My favorite time of the week is between 3pm and 7pm Sunday. No calls, no visitors, don't go anywhere, just relax on the back porch with two fingers of a good scotch, then cook supper while my wife plays the piano. Just about can't get any better than that for me. My best reflection time.

Hope everyone has a special time, it's important.


Anonymous said...

Don't know about the rest of you, but Sunday afternoons ...was melancholy for me.

In life, we live the despair and the sublime.

Sunday afternoons, generally, is my space ,reminiscent of the disappointments and uncertainty of my life.

Love this song...


Anonymous said...

I've never really heard folks talk about melancholy sunday like that. interesting.

But for me, my melancholy mood has always been friday as the sun goes down.
always been watching the sun go down on friday.