Thursday, April 29, 2010

Retracement levels


Anonymous said...

the Aroon indicator on some of these indices is something to check out.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is the end of 1 st Quarter, market may be volatile.

Anonymous said...

no wait, what am I saying....not first quarter. something else. I must be tired.
i cant go back to check what I just read. forget it . forget everything.

The government Sachs is in total control. the beautiful plunge protection team will take care of everything.
look what they just did the last 2 days. whats the problem. there is no problem.

watch the 50 MA thats where market will eventually go. but the game riggers dont want to let the selling be panic driven. sheeple investors are Still traumatized from 2008. the govt sachs game riggers know this....thats why they soothe our panicky fears with stick saves at key points.
Forget all the phony news releases,earnings report crap, home sales crap, job numbers, its all rigged phony numbers.
The controller is the magic wizard behind the curtain.
This is why Elliott wave theory isnt working now like it used to. its why the cycle timers who use 100 years of past data ,in the most sophisticated analysis....doesnt work now. the only analytical method that will work now is that which accounts for and analyzes government manipulation,wherever you can find it,think like they do, anticipate their next moves,feel market psychology, put yourself in the wizard's shoes and engineer the 'Rigged Game'

Q. if you had to engineer a correction back to the 1150 area,or the 1120 area, and eventually down to a 'double bottom ' at 1045 as your new 'bottom'

how would you craft that move in such a way that doesnt cause or allow Panic selling .

A.) you do it by using the beautiful plunge protection team,whenever you need it. like yesterday and today.

and maybe tomorrow.

you Know the sheeple market emotion and you know that the sheeple are Ready to Panic sell the whole ballgame. theyver been ready to panic sell everything since last year,october,maybe.You know how the panic selling looked last september and october and this past january. you know its a kneejerk strong impulse.
You know it could happen again right now.

the first thrust down started last friday. and monday.

You are the Wizard behind the curtain. you are the all star goalie ready to make the stick save.
When do you do it. what earnings report on what day at what price point after what panic sell.

Bang, stick save and bang,thrust back up.

Create a consolidation box ,a range now, thats very comforting to the scared sheeple.,who are expecting a crashing fall.

why are we always fearing a crashing fall? because it just happened in 2008 and because the real economy is still in chaotic distress. we instinctively know the economy is falling apart.but we see a market rising like everything is great. we know when something is fake or real.

The problem we have now is that while we know the market is fake. we are seeing that the wizard seems to have genuine control over it ,up and down,defying all indicators,elliott wave theory,cycle timing,fundamental news,austrian economic truth, The wizard has the game under control.

we just need to learn to love uncle wizard.and trust him again.
even though he destroyed us 2 years ago.

Esoterictrader said...

actually end of first quarter was last month.

PENN STATE Eric said...

ahhhh hahahahaha! It was last month... not even close dude.

David said...

Psychedelic drugs are back....

Anonymous said...

Great post.I agree completely with your assessment about the phony market.