Tuesday, April 06, 2010


NNVC with low volatility settings
Target $4.00


Laawaaris said...

What is the catalyst for this recent bull run? There are little if any fundentals to point to

Anonymous said...

Hype by Agora Financial, according to several posters, is driving this. Run usually lasts about 48 hours and then the stock crashes.

Makes you wonder about NNVC's relationship to that pump and dump shop.

Anonymous said...

probably just a significant increase in Allan's blog readership............and people taking his advice about accumulation. today looks like about double daily vol........maybe news is forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

This run has lasted for well more than 48 hours. Look at the chart. Something is going on but the reasons why have not hit the market.

Any thoughts Allan?

Anonymous said...

NNVC made similar runs on previous hypes and didn't crash but on the opposit made me loose some precious shares without getting them back at even slightly higher price

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a load of rubbish some of you posters write I don't know why you waste you time making these worthless (and libellous) comments

a) A rise from 0.6 to 1.97 over 5 months hardly is a 48 hour run

b) If you took the trouble to investigate you would have realised that there have been several announcements over that period that have fueled this rise. Such as the clinical trials with Eva Harris. The filing of the Shelf Registration etc etc

I suggest you research your facts before bothering to make a post

Mind you I remember the posters back in June last year who were berating Allan for recommending the stock when it was at 0.8 cents and it had fallen back from $ 1.00

tapped out said...

What Hype? What I'm seeing is NNVC becoming the real deal and Allan becoming the 9th wonder of the world! Thanks again Allan! I couldn't be more elated!

Anonymous said...

Is NNVC really injecting gorillas with blowguns to test their drugs?

Seems hard to believe. Hell, seems wacky.

Anonymous said...


I am trying to work on some of the trendlines you draw on your chart of my own.

Can you give me some hint if its close to what you are doing

EntrySignal = C > ( LLV( L, 20 ) + 2 * ATR( 10 ) );
ExitSignal = C < ( HHV( H, 20 ) - (2 * ATR( 10 )) );

Also can you show us how your model traded during 2002 thru 2006

thanks and great job..


t said...

Ya gotta love all these folks who stay 'anonymous' when they post crap berating nnvc(and allan)

its really not worth responding to their naysaying.

It will be very comical in a pathetic way to see them a year or two berating NNVC because it corrected hard from 4.00 down to 3.25.....or the year after when it corrects down hard from 6.00 down to 5.

What chart are you looking at mister "anonymous" when you say NNVC crashes back down after 48 hours.

The NNVC chart I see,in front of my eyes, shows a large base built out sideways from November at the .80 area....followed by 3 movements up, to the present.

the first 2 movements lasted 2 weeks. this last movement Up has lasted 5 weeks.

I anticipate a wave 4 correction now ,back to the zone of 1.70 to 1.30 with 1.45-1.50 as the 50% fib zone.

it will be a good barometer of NNVC's strength to see how far down it does correct before the next wave up (5) begins.

This is basic CHART analysis.

In addition to this:

There is the Fundamental Story of NNVC.

True Homerun stocks
a compelling ,unfailing,fundamental story.

one current example (in my opinion) is TRGL.

Looking at the chart ,interesting and compelling and scarey at first glance...shows a stock that established a long sideways base at the 8 dollar and change area last fall.(thats where i bought it when I read the fundamental story)

From there it blasted up and away to top around 13.50 and from there shockingly plunged back,partly fast and partly slow, back to the 8 area and even bottomed recently at 7.

I watched all that nice profit disolve,because its a buy and hold core for me.
its a buy and hold core Because of the fundamental story.....they own the rights to a fortune of oil underneath Paris, France. the Paris Basin.

Nothing horrible happened to TRGL during this time ,other than,that this small company needs a 'big oil'Partner and thats what theyre waiting for.

Speculators took profit at the top, and bailed out the rest of the way.
I would have bought more at 7 but I already owned a full position at 8.

TRGL will find their big oil partner some day.

The Fundamental story is a winner. The oil isnt going anywhere, and they own it.

UPWRF is the same story ,offshore Namibia,Africa.

Homerun stocks that I see,so far, with compelling fundamental stories,unlikely to flounder, are

gold coins and bullion
silver coins and bullion
foreign land and real estate in places like argentina,brazil.
numismatic (collector) gold and silver coins.
a parcel of land in rural USA away from big cities,and big government.
self sufficiency living skills,tools,supplies, etc...

Anonymous said...

wwwooopsie daisey....NNVC popped today 14 % to 2.00

this could be the wave 5 target zone...2.00 area
I wouldnt get too excited just yet. it needs to correct at some point.

this wave structure needs to correct from here.

started at a reversal from 1.10

supposing a top at 2.10 brings a 50% fib to 1.60

from right here at 2.00 brings a 50% to 1.55

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd see myself hoping for a stock to go down....but understanding how elliott waves work ...you Have to hope for healthy corrections. otherwise youve got parabolic bubbles.

Anonymous said...

My erection just went parabolic.. Go NNVC