Wednesday, April 07, 2010

BIDU Weekly - Update

I wrote up the Weekly Trade Model of BIDU back in January.  It has turned into one of big success stories of the Trend Models:

 BIDU Weekly Trend Model

We knew in January that BIDU trended well and was a good stock to trade in a longer-term model.   Although they all don't trend this well, having one or two that do, make up for any that don't.  Another "Basket" idea in the making?



Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,
This post has nothing to do with BIDU. I was on the yahoo message board and came across this regarding NNVC. Since you seem to know quite a bit about NNVC, would you care to comment on this? I recently bought some NNVC and I am a little concerned if this is true. I have been reading more and mmore that if NNVC's technology works, we shareholders might be hung out to dry while Theracour reaps the rewards. Please help!

"I saw somebody posted a question on this board saying that if nnvc's technology is that good, why there are no big pharms wanting a partnership with it?

Becauese of this complicated corporate set-up, I guess no big pharms would ever partner or acquire nnvc, since nnvc only is a license holder, not a patent holder. Even if any big pharm acquires nnvc, it can not acquire the patent which owns to TheraCour or another company.
When a big pharm company wants to do a partnership with a small biotech firm, the big pharm company always embraces an idea that it may acquire the whole biotech firm down the road, if the drug candidate has a good clinical trial result.
Dr. Diwan created this corporate set-up only allows him to exploit the potential profit from the nanotech he invented through the shell company, nnvc, while retaining all IPs through Theracour and another company.

Hence nobody should expect a partnership or acquisition of nnvc from a big pharm company, since this set-up basically makes nnvc, a shell company, unacquirable.

A said...

We don't own NNVC because we think it will be taken over by big pharma. We own it for a myriad of reasons that have been chronicled here since NNVC was a ten-cent stock.

We also own NNVC for purely technical reasons, i.e. its Daily Trend Model.

About once a month a new reader comes here and asks me to make my case for NNVC, again. Although intentions are sincere, the request is hard for me to fulfill, since my plate is full and all of the information is already here in my archived body of work (Search AllAllan for NNVC)

Then there is the issue of pumping. If I make my case for the stock, out of the woodwork comes the accusations of "pump and dump" even though all I ever do is "pump," but it doesn't seem to matter to these folks that have of there hypothesis, or equation, or whatever they are spewing, is missing.

In any case, I'm glad you found my blog and are interested in NNVC. If you want a head start on any new analysis of the company and/or the stock, you might want to subscriber to my private email list. That's where such things will get posted, first.


A said...

Sorry for the typos.

"half" not have

"subscribe" not subscribers